Beach Hair Care

Beach Hair Care

Whether you are finally hitting the beach for a few weeks or taking a weekend driving excursion, one of the most frustrating things for women in the summer is knowing how much is too much in terms of beauty products to keep you feeling good throughout the entirety of your summer trip.


Beach Hair Care


But when you go to pack, there are so many products to choose from that it may not be clear as to what to pack - especially if you are light on space. Below are a list of products that you can subtract, add or combine any way you wish to find your perfect combination for your summer travels.


Sea Salt Spray

If you are planning a beach holiday excursion, this product will give your hair that effortless, natural beachy look that fulfills every box to create that mermaid fantasy. As many of us were not blessed with natural mermaid waves, this spray is best for creating the wave without the crunch of a hairspray or gel. All you have to do is spray on damp hair and scrunch until you get the desired wave pattern. This product is perfect for all and should be a staple in every woman’s summer travel bag.


Boho Beach Mist

Boho Beach Mist by Jon Renau | Shop


Anti-Frizz/Anti UV cream or spray

One of the worst things about summer - especially for those of us with curly hair - is dealing with the humidity and the frizz. Whether you are in the sun, out at sea, or being blown down by summer breezes, it may seem like preventing the frizz is an impossible task. However, before you finish off your look simply use a bit of Anti-Frizz cream or spray to give your hair a bit of a shine as well as protect it from frizzing.


Argan Smooth Treatment Mist



Leave in conditioner

Whether ravaged by salt water, or being fried in the sun, one of the biggest damages done to our hair is a lack of nutrients and moisture. Adding a leave-in conditioner to your regime will not only help return moisture to your hair but it will also help your hair feel smoother and look shinier. Making for a more manageable, less knotted hair!


Daily Protect Leave-In Spray

Daily Protect Leave-In Spray


Dry Shampoo

This one probably seems like a no brainer for most. Even thinking about how sweaty I am going to be out in the sun this summer is making me want to reach for my dry shampoo can. This product is crucial for helping keep your hair grease free and shiny. A few spritzes and the sweat from the day vanishes and you are left with clean, lived-in locks that make it look like you belong on the beach. 

What are your must-have beauty products for summer?

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