Best Sea Salt Spray

Best Sea Salt Spray

What is a texturizing spray exactly? To put it plainly it's three different products in one bottle. The only thing better than having all the products you need for a rocking hairstyle is to have it all in one bottle. Texture spray is a mixture of dry shampoo, wave-enhancer, and hairspray.

This little magic bottle will add hold, movement, and volume to your hair all with one product. Added to this, it’s dry shampoo qualities will soak up any oils extending your style a few extra days. If you are looking for your own texturizing spray to try out, check out our list of tried and true products.

Best Texturizing Sprays

Jon Renau Boho Beach Mist

Boho Beach Mist is the perfect light way spray to get the salt-spray effect without the sticky damaging effects of the sea. It comes in a clean, subtle scent and has an easy spray nozzle. It can be used on any hair length.

Spraying it on damp hair will result in a messy texture beach wave that will last the day. It gives you the texture you need while still being soft enough to run your fingers through. Use it on dry hair at the roots and massage in to add some messy lift to your do. Boho Beach Mist can also be used all over dry hair without the worry of the crispy effect.

Messy Texture | Boho Beach Mist

Boho Beach Mist by Jon Reanu


Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Spray

Drybar Triple Sec spray is truly a 3-in-1 wonder. It comes in a smooth aerosol can and works best when sprayed 6-8 inches from your hair. It works as a very light dry shampoo by absorbing oils and leaving hair feeling clean. It also will add a supple matte texture to your hair. The added bonus to this product is its formula also comes with UV protection. Its ultraviolet radiation protection will help guard against fading color and keep your hair healthy longer.

Dryer Triple Sec |


Triple Sec by Drybar


Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray

Moroccanoil’s dry texture spray is another exceptional option when trying out this multi-use type of product. Like the Drybar triple sec, it also comes in an aerosol can. This product leans more towards a dry shampoo giving you a deeper clean feeling. It might be a good choice for thicker hair, or hair with added extensions. Its gritty texture hold can be used at the roots for a base, or as a light hold finishing spray throughout your hair at the end of a styling.

An added bonus to this texture spray, it also comes in a small travel size variation. This product would be a great product to keep up a messy textured look while on the go, saving your luggage space at the same time.

Texturizing Spray | Messy Texture

Dry Texture Spray by Moroccanoil

What's your favorite texturizing spray? 

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