Best Types of Men's Hairpieces

Best Types of Men's Hairpieces

If you’re looking for a non-medical solution to hair loss, and you’ve already tried Rogaine and other hair loss treatments, there’s a simple solution: a hairpiece or even a men's wig! While some men feel like they will be stigmatized if they wear hairpieces, there are actually many great, natural-looking lace front wigs and hair pieces available to give you just the amount of coverage you need.

These hairpieces are lace front or 100% hand-tied (and many of them are both!), meaning they will blend in with your natural hairline. Unlike many wigs and toupees made for men in the past, most wigs and hairpieces made today are designed to look and feel as natural as possible.

So check out these options and give one a try—I can promise any one of them will be much cheaper (and a much more natural transition) than a hair transplant!

Wigs For Men

Men's wigs are an excellent alternative to toupees, especially if you have a large area of hair loss. These styles are just some of the options for you to explore, but a great place to start!

For a classic, clean-cut look that’s always in style, you have to go with this men's wig. Style by HIM is a lace front wig, made with heat friendly synthetic hair: meaning it looks natural and can be styled and re-styled as often as you need! Whether you wear this wig spiked or slicked back, you can depend on Style to keep you looking great all day long.

If your style is more loose and free-flowing, try Chiseled by HIM. With long, straight, sweeping locks at its top and relaxed shorter strands on the sides and back, you’ll be looking casual and sleek in this wig. It’s also a lace front and 100% hand tied wig, so you can be sure Chiseled will seamlessly blend in with your natural hairline. And since it’s heat friendly, feel free to blow dry and style how you like! Roger Sport 2.0 by Ellen Wille is another great choice, and your go-to for a voluminous, layered look. This fashionable wig can also be customized at the front to best suit your facial shape. The medium brown shade is particularly attractive.

If you want your wig to give you actor Josh Holloway hair, dare to wear the men's wig Daring. This handsome lace front wig for men is heat friendly and can be worn slicked back or loosely framing your face. With so much length to work with, feel free to work with your stylist to trim the wig to best suit your preferences and needs.

For the man who’s craving simplicity in his hairstyle, go with Classic! With a natural part and gentle waves, this wig is no-fuss, no-frills, and all about keeping the focus on you. Classic is a 100% hand-tied lace front wig of the highest quality. Available in a variety of grey blends, this wig is ready to go right out of the box! 

Tired of Toupees? Try a Men's Hairpiece!

It's time to say farewell to the classic toupee look and make the switch to hairpieces for men. After all, it is 2019! So let's bring some fashion forward hairstyles to your look to keep you looking your best all day! 

For hair loss coverage that's perfect for you, view our men's hairpieces collection. You'll notice that there are several options with varying lengths and widths. These are designed specifically for your amount of hair loss, so you can have a comfortable fit that blends perfectly with your natural hair. 

These men's toppers clip onto your natural hair to ensure they stay secure and in place all day long. This way, you can go about your day worry-free and undetectable. Each product has it's own video to show you all of the features the hairpiece has to offer, so you can learn what works best for you! 


Are you ready to make the switch from toupees to men's wigs and hairpieces? Leave a comment and let us know!

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