Brand New Noriko Wig Colors | Vibrant, Sultry & Sweet

Brand New Noriko Wig Colors | Vibrant, Sultry & Sweet

Let’s dub Summer 2019 as the season of change. In case you haven't noticed, we're shaking things up! This summer, we will be bold and confident. Wallflower? Not even close. You, reader, are a wildfire. Your inner fire cannot be contained any longer!

Noriko Wigs is totally on board with our mission. The world-renowned luxury wig brand has just released some of their best-selling wigs in fun, funky, and modern vibrant colors. The new limited edition Fantasy Colors collection has it all, from dreamy pastel wigs to knock-your-socks-off neon!

You might be a funky hair color veteran. You may be eagerly waiting for the end of this introduction to see these fun new colors. Scroll onward, lady! However, maybe you like to play it safe. You like your brunettes and blondes. Still, if the wigs below intrigue you and you feel the itch to branch out – scratch that itch! Life is short, and summer is even shorter. Your time is now! See what Fantasy wig color speaks to you and get your shine on!

Bright Wig Colors From Noriko's Fantasy Collection!

Angelica Wig in Melted Plum


How sweet is Melted Plum? This beautiful lilac ombre wig starts at the root with a deep plum color, before melting into a silvery violet at the ends. Angelica is a customer favorite. This long synthetic wig has long layers to create perfect natural volume. The length of the layers allows for hair to be pulled up, which customers love.

Jaden Wig in Sea Glass R


Summer means trips to the ocean. After a long week of lounging in the sun, it can be hard to not daydream of just becoming a mermaid and getting away from it all. Apologies in advance because this wig cannot turn you into a mermaid – the magic just isn’t there yet! Still, you can come pretty darn close with this Sea Glass shade. Jaden is a synthetic wig styled with easy carefree waves.

Taylor Wig in Melted Sunrise


At first glance, how can you not love this funky hue? An exposed red root transforms into neon yellow strands that hit below the shoulder. This color is definitely not for the faint of heart. No, this colored wig is meant for those who know how to command a room. Rock this look on a night out with a slinky black dress and some fun heels.

Taylor Wig in Red Copper


This red shade may just be the tamest color on this list, but don’t count it out just yet. In Red Copper, the Taylor wig is pure fire. The color has black low lights, with a bright red overall shade. If your lipstick collection consists of nothing but bright red, you need to give this wig a try.

Taylor Wig in Whipped Berry


Don’t worry - the name of this wig color makes me crave a fruit-topped dessert, too. This blunt A-line bob wig looks so incredibly cool in this white hue, complete with a dollop of berry-tinted roots. With the right dress, this wig would be amazing for attending a summer wedding. Does the “no wearing white” rule count for hair?


Are you convinced? Will you be rocking one of these vibrant colored wigs this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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I LOVE the JETT lilac haze color. I am 72 years old and it give a little kick to GREY wigs. Please make more available.


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