Are Hair Toppers Damaging to Your Hair? 

November 9th, 2023

Let Us Set Your Mind at Ease! If you're concerned about whether hair toppers could worsen hair loss, fear not! 
We have some valuable tips to ensure that doesn't happen.

Area of hair Coverage

First things first, measure your area of hair loss (or area of coverage) accurately to choose the right base size. Wearing a topper that's too small can accelerate hair loss. So, take the time to measure the area that needs coverage and select a topper base that extends 1” beyond the perimeter of your hair loss. Always add an inch to the width and length measurements to ensure a secure fit. Remember to recheck your measurements every six months for any changes.
How to Apply / Remove
Proper application and removal are key to a comfortable topper. To ensure the clips don't pull or strain your hair, follow these steps: 
  • Open all the clips.

  • Position the topper where you want it on your head.

  • Securely hold the middle of the topper with one hand while gently clipping it into your hair, starting from the front clip and working your way to the others. Do not pull the hair topper, thus creating tension, each time you fasten a clip. Instead, press down on the middle of the hair topper each time, adjusting the hair topper, when you fasten each clip. 

Top Style 12" by Jon Renau in shade 8
Featured here: Top Style 12" by Jon Renau in shade 8
How to Avoid Discomfort 
If you experience any pain or pulling, unclip and reattach until all the clips are comfortable. To remove the topper, simply undo each clip from back to front and gently peel it away from your scalp. Check out our tutorial for a more detailed guide on application and removal!
Avoid sleeping with clip-in toppers attached to minimize tension on your hair. We understand that sometimes it's unavoidable, but sleeping with a topper can cause traction alopecia. If you can't remove it, use a scrunchie to gather your hair into a low ponytail, reducing stress from the clips. If you have shorter hair, a stretchy cloth headband can help keep your topper in place while you sleep. To be clear, we do not recommend sleeping in your hair topper, these tips are only offered in cases of emergencies. 
As long as you wear a topper that provides sufficient coverage and know how to attach and remove it correctly, your hairpiece will fit comfortably without any issues.

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