Do you change up your hair color going into a new season?

August 31st, 2023

Have you been thinking about changing up your look this fall? Now's the perfect time to try something different and express yourself! If you're feeling bold, why not change up your hair color?
Makayla by Kim Kimble in shade MC4/35SS

New Look Without the Commitment

The best part about changing up the color of your wig is that it's not permanent. Wigs, extensions, and even temporary hair dyes are all great ways to add a splash of color without the long-term commitment.
Featured here: Makayla by Kim Kimble in shade MC4/35SS
Sky by Noriko in shade Ginger Brown

Go Dark this Fall

One of the most common ways to enter Autumn with a new do is to go dark! No, we don't mean taking a vow of silence or ditching social media...we're talking about going from blonde to brunette or just adding some low lights to deepen your hair color.
Not sure where to start with choosing a new wig color? Check out some of our most popular styles that are made in fashion-forward brunette shades. (insert link to best-selling brunette styles)
Featured here: Sky by Noriko in shade Ginger Brown
Delight by Ellen Wille in shade Rosewood Rooted

Try Something New!

No matter your preference in style or cap design, you can find something that expresses who you are while staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Try going for something unexpected and step out of your comfort zone! The new season is a great opportunity to help reinvent yourself, so don't be shy.
Featured here: Delight by Ellen Wille in shade Rosewood Rooted