Can you cook with a synthetic wig on?

November 14th, 2023

Picture this…you’ve got family over for the holidays and you're making your famous lasagna while wearing your gorgeous, new synthetic wig. You open the oven to peek at your cheese-melting progress when suddenly, a wave of heat comes rushing out and singes the fringe on your wig. 

Heat from kitchen appliances can cause some serious damage to synthetic wigs. Once the fiber is singed (or burnt) it can’t be restored. Although regular synthetic wigs are not heat-resistant, and you have to be careful cooking over a stove or opening an oven, there are some options for culinary fashionistas:
Relax by Ellen Wille in shade BLACK CHERRY MIX

Featured here: Relax by Ellen Wille in shade BLACK CHERRY MIX (so you don't have to hunt down the style/color)

  • Wear a heat friendly wig

    Heat-friendly fibers are designed to withstand heat (to a certain degree of course) and are a much safer option in the kitchen.

  • Opt for a shorter style

    The likelihood of heat damage is a lot lower when you’re wearing a short bob vs. a long, layered style. You won’t run the risk of dipping your hair into that pot of boiling water.

  • Cook with caution

    Tie or clip your hair back and away from your face. You can even wear a stretchy headband that covers the front portion of your wig and keeps your locks from getting loose.

  • Have a back-up

    Consider investing in a wig specifically reserved for cooking, because let's face it, accidents happen and you wouldn’t want to ruin your only wig.

We hope these tips help you tackle your upcoming holiday dishes safely and with confidence!

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