Do Toppers Look Real? | Kelly's Review

Do Toppers Look Real? | Kelly's Review

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Do Toppers Look Real? | Kelly's Review


I have moderate thinning hair.  If you stood right over me, you may see a lot of scalp.  I still have occasional good hair days but it’s less often as the years go by.   My hair is presently bobbed just above the chin.   Often I think it looks well styled until I see myself in pictures. The top of my hair has no real lift or body.  I don’t want big hair, I just want normal hair.  Sometimes I would look great before getting out the door to head to the office only to find myself disheveled by the wind, or flatten by the rain between the parking ramp and the door.  It would seem a topper was the solution and it always looks great no matter the weather.

I have short straight hair, so I needed a short straight wig topper.  I didn’t want to spend much because I didn’t know if it would be something I was comfortable wearing.  This is one reason I like because you can always send it back.
At the time of my first purchase of a topper, there was nothing other than human hair toppers that came in 8 inch length.  I didn’t want a human hair wig because I wanted something that could keep it's style in the wind and rain.

I ended up with Jon Reanu 12 inch, color 12/FS8.  My own bio hair was highlighted but I was letting it grow out so the topper color and rooting was perfect. The only problem was that the topper was much longer than my own hair.  When I cut my Jon Reanu topper, I did it slowly and always cut conservatively.  That means I cut it longer than I thought I needed. The result was fabulous!

My first test was to wear it around my husband and kids. NO ONE knew I was wearing hair, not one single member of my family. The second test was to wear it at work.  The first day I wore my top piece to work, I got some compliments on my hair.  I said thank you and didn’t tell anyone.   See for yourself. Is my good bio hair day or my topper?

 Thank you, Kelly!

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