Does Gray Hair Age You?

Does Gray Hair Age You?

Guest blogger, Amy Johnson, is one of our community writers. Read her thoughts on grey hair below:

Many of us “mature” ladies came to the world of wig-wearing as silver “foxettes”—already gray-haired and not coloring our hair anymore. And, in many cases, we were wearing our hair in shorter cuts. So, this posed a dilemma when we decided to start wearing a wig. Should we buy a wig in a different hair shade and style, or should we stick to the gray tones and cut we were used to? 


Staying In My Comfort Zone

When I made the decision to start wearing wigs after 22 years of struggling with thinning hair (due to Androgenic Alopecia), I decided to go bold! I went straight back to my ORIGINAL bio color of dark brown and in a style I wore in my 30s. It was a bit of a shock to my sons (who are in their 20s), but my husband fully enjoyed revisiting our early days when I was a brunette. I also bought a couple other wigs in various shades and styles to see what I could pull off. It was absolutely revitalizing and a true blast!


Amy Johnson


Back To My Beloved Grey

After a time, I actually started to miss my gray hair. I know that may sound surprising, but it’s what I had been used to for so long. And at 53 years old, I felt that being gray-haired was normal. So, I decided it was time to try out a gray wig and see how that felt.

Enter “Sheer Elegance” by Gabor in the stunning shade (which is VERY close to my current bio shade) of Sugared Charcoal (GL 44-51)—a stunning mix of the darkest brown with 50% silver gray. This combination made youth and maturity collide like a match made in Heaven! The style of this wig is peppy and chic, while the color added a polished style--perfect for a sophisticated woman with high energy. I felt youthful but still my age, if that makes any sense. No woman wants to LOOK old, but it’s nice to keep the jewels in the crown we earned.

If your bio hair is gray, know that wearing a gray wig doesn’t have to mean you’ll look like a fossil. With the right wig style and a positive attitude, you’ll look and feel fabulous!

How do you feel about grey hair? 

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I wish they would offer a bigger variety of styles and some longer ones in sugared charcoal. Very limited.


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