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Does My Wig Fit Right?

The fit of your wig is an essential part of your daily comfort. A well-fitting wig can make you feel so confident! How do you know though if your wig fits right? If you try on an ill-fitting shirt or pants, it’s obvious from how it feels and looks. There aren’t clear signs a wig doesn’t fit, right? Luckily, there actually are signs of an ill-fitting wig. 

Proper Wig Fit

First, before anything else, you need to learn your wig size. If don’t know your wig size, it’s easy to find out. You will only need a soft measuring tape. With the measuring tape, find the circumference of your head. You'll want to start with the nape of your neck and end at your hairline. If you’d prefer a visual demonstration of this, watch the video below:

Once you have a measurement, you can determine your wig size. Wigs come in three sizes: petite, average, and large. If your head measured between 20 and 21.5 inches, you need a petite size. For measurements between 21.5 and 22.5 inches, go for an average size. A large wig would fit a head circumference of 22.5 to 23 inches. 

With your wig size in mind, you can find the best wig for you. Shop our petite wigs here, our average size wigs are here, and our large wigs here. Often, styles will come in more than one size!

How To Put On A Wig

After receiving your wig, you can now check the fit of the piece in person. Really, the size is a jumping-off point. A large in one brand may be too big, while another brand’s large is just right. You aren’t bound to a specific size. It’s all about what you’re comfortable in.

Put on your wig and take a good look in the mirror. Move your head around a little. Natural movements, like a nod or a head shake, are good things to try. Take note of how the wig feels on your head.

Your Wig Is Too Small If... 

Here are some signs your wig is too small. If the wig slides back on your head and reveals your scalp or hairline, it’s too small. If the wig has a lace front, check it out. If it’s rolling under instead of lying flat, you need a bigger wig. Likewise, if your wig has a monofilament top, it should lay flat too. If the monofilament cap sticks up like a point on the top of your head, that’s a symptom of a wig that’s too small. Lastly, if it’s too tight, it’s obviously too small. If it squeezes your temples or pulls your biological hair, it’s too tight.

Your Wig Is Too Big If... 

A wig can be too big, of course. What signs point to a too large wig? If you move your head and the wig slides along with it, you need a smaller wig. If the ear tabs gap up and you can see your biological hair under them, your wig is too big. Check the hairline or the lace front. Is there any wrinkling or buckling at the front of the wig? If yes, get a smaller wig.

Adjusting Wig Straps 

If you catch any of these problems, try adjusting the wig using the straps in your wig cap. This will usually solve any minor fit problems. For example, if your wig is only a tiny bit loose, a tightening of the straps can help.

If the fit issue is not fixed by adjusting the straps, another wig size is in order. For best results, move up or down in wig size. Watch the video below for visual assistance on recognizing whether your wig is too small, too big, or just right!



Thanks for this video.

I am really stressing myself out about my wig and could use some advice.

I have been wearing average size wigs since I started to do so two years ago. They do sometimes feel a little bit tight, but I can’t easily afford the large ones (particularly as I only recently bought a replacement average one and because I am stuck in lockdown and subsequent unemployment).

Three different fitting shops have sold me or tried to sell me average sized caps before. I have been burned by hair services before though, so I am a little wary about how altruistic they might have really been in pursuit of a sale.

My circumference is sonewhere between 57 and 57.5cm. My partner measured me and said I was exactly 57cm. I measured myself and got 57.5cm (but it is harder for me to measure my own head than it is for my partner, so maybe they are more correct information has me).

I am so scared that maybe my hair loss has been gradually growing imperceptibly worse at a very slow rate. I have no reliable evidence of that per se, just a general fear. It’s hard to judge exactly because my alopecia is endocrinological in nature and was already in a bad state before I started wearing my wigs.

I cut out the adjustable straps from my wigs and just let them sit

Is an average cap size a disa


I’d be interested to know too, Rosalie as my measurements are exactly the same!! I bought a large Noriko wig but found the wig was too big ear to ear, rubbed on my ears!! It’s a minefield, I’ve wasted so much money on wigs. Hope you get sorted xx


My measurements are
ear to ear about 12inches.
Front to back 13 inches
Circumference 23 and half
Raquel Welch average does not fit do I need a large size and do I have more brands that will fit my head measurements
I appreciate any information you can send running out of time
Thank you


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