Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Work is such a bothersome topic, so let’s keep it fun and talk about hair. There is practically a 5 minute tutorial for everything under the sun, so we decided to get creative and develop a 5 Minute Curly Hair Tutorial for Work to not only to help simplify your morning routine, but to also help individuals who have to manage some of the challenges tied to curly hair.


1. Start by Detangling

Detangling products will help in the process of working with your hair, so you do not have to contend with working through tangles while attempting to style your hair. Shampoo and condition your curly hair like you normally do. Once your hair is rinsed and partially dry, apply a detangler.

There are many hair products for curly hair, and we personally recommend the Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler. This detangler works well on synthetic wigs and hair extensions as well as human hair. This product was designed to be sprayed on from 6-8 inches away and combed through, with a wide toothed comb, to eliminate tangles and frizz just before styling your hair.

The Jon Renau Wide Tooth Wig Comb works like magic with help from the detangler. Together they detangle and smooth hair in preparation for styling. When combing, do not rip through the tangles, but rather work through them gently.

Hair Product For Curly Hair | HD Smooth Detangler by Jon RenauQuick Hairstyles For Work | Wide Tooth Comb by Jon Renau

(Left) HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau | (Right) Wide Tooth Comb by Jon Renau


2. Next Up: Styling

Once your hair is ready for styling, style your hair with a gel that holds your curls into place. There are many styling gels on the shelves of personal and cosmetic aisles that help curls of all types whether loose, waves, curly, very curly, and kinky. Style your hair with a gel that has your desired level of hold and once your hair is in place, style it to best suit your work day.

Quick five minute hairstyles for work include but are not limited to, braids, a ponytail, a bun, the half up half down style, twists, and letting your hair naturally sit. 

Charisma by Ellen Wille


3. Add Some Flair

Braids are a quick and efficient style to tame your curls. If your hair lying in your face affects your work, braids are a sure fire way to eliminate any potential disturbances your hair might interfere with. Same thing with a half up half down style to keep your bangs out of your face. If you prefer to let your natural hair just sit and do it’s own thing, look for pins, clips, or scrunchies that are designed to work with thicker, curly hair.

With a detangler, wide tooth comb, and a styling gel you have all of the products you need in order to turn your 20 minute hair routine into a 5 minute routine. Getting out of bed and pushing yourself to get ready for work can be a drag, but cut your hair time in half or more by quickly primping your hair with just two recommended products and a quick style you can be comfortable within your workplace while remaining chic. Happy styling! 

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