3 Easy Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

3 Easy Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

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We all know that wavy hair is one of the most sought after hair trends of this century. With all the free-spirited boho trends and festivals lately, it’s become more popular than ever. Something about wavy hair just screams wild and free, and has that total hippie mermaid look going on that’s totally in right now. But if you have wavy hair as your natural hair, you know that sometimes wearing it natural can get a little boring.

Best Styles for Wavy Hair

It’s always important to mix things up, try new styles, and just live totally free if you want to keep up with the latest trends and boost your confidence levels! For that reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the easiest and most adorable trends for wavy hair that any girl can rock. So let’s get started on the hottest hair trends for wavy hair this spring!

Ponytail Hair Pieces

Everyone loves a beautiful ponytail, and thanks to the newest Kardashian trend, this look has blown up all over again. Nothing says beautiful like long, lengthy, wavy hair, and for my natural wavy-haired gals this look is a simple way to throw your hair up without having to do a thing!

Whether you prefer high ponytails, low, or draped down the side, putting your hair in a ponytail when it’s wavy with give you a sexy, free look that just screams girls just wanna have fun! If you’re in a rush, throw your hair up in this quick and easy style. And don't worry if your don't have the natural length to lend, you can get it in a snap with a ponytail hairpiece! Trust us, even with the simplicity of this look, you’re still bound to make a statement!

Side Braid Hairstyle

One of my absolute favorite quick and easy styles to do is a side braid. Without taking as much time as it does to do a fishtail braid, the side braid is an easy way to throw your hair up while still looking adorable. Whether you prefer the tight braid, loose, or messy, this look is a go-to for a busy college student, and an easy style to do when you’re in a rush! Channel your inner mermaid with this gorgeous, timeless look!

Let Those Waves Free!

And lastly, let those waves loose! I know we talk about how natural waves can sometimes get a little boring, but adding some product, curling a few strands of your hair, or even adding accessories can help you to add a new dimension to your look at very minimal effort. My favorite style with loose waves is your classic boho over-the-hair headband. 

Trust us, this will be a much-welcomed change to your everyday look, and the accessories will help you to stand out unlike any other! If you want more hairstyle ideas for wavy hair, we suggest checking out wigs.com for some more ideas and beautiful motivation on ways to rock a new style!


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