Ellen Wille Announces 7 New Hair Toppers!

APRIL 1, 2023

New Top Power Collection Styles!

Ellen Wille's already fantastic Top Power Collection just leveled up with 7 stunning new styles, specially designed to cater to every stage of hair loss. This exquisite range ensures that you can step out in style and embrace your natural beauty. From intricate designs with lace-fronts that create seamless hairlines to gently blended layers that add natural volume, each of these unique styles showcases unparalleled craftsmanship, providing a comfortable fit alongside a touch of sophistication. Rediscover the joy of looking and feeling your best with the Ellen Wille Top Power Collection, and let these stunning new styles elevate your everyday look to incredible new heights.

Follow these 5 steps to hair topper success:


    Measure the area of hair loss (or the area you want to cover), measuring side to side (width), then front to back (length). Add an inch to both measurements so you can clip the hair topper into your stronger hair follicles. 


    With your measuring tape, start at your crown (top of head) to the longest part of your hair. Select a hair topper that is closest to the length of your hair for minimal adjustments. If there is not one your hair length, go with a longer length and have it cut into your hair by a professional hairstylist. If there isn’t a longer option you can rock a more layered look. Please note, most toppers need to be trimmed and styled to blend seamlessly with your biological hair. 


    Things to consider when selecting your fiber, lifestyle (where you are going to wear it and how often), willingness (how much time do you have to style it) and ability to style the hair topper. 


    Once you have the answers from 1-3, you are ready to choose the perfect hair topper for you.


    Start in the color family your biological hair is in (i.e. blonde, brown, red, black, grey). Then review the color options within the color family, choose a color option that looks closest to yours. It doesn’t need to match perfectly because it will cover most of the top part of your hair. Try to choose a color that complements your biological hair color and blend in. 

Upgrade your hair game!

Upgrade your hair game like never before by exploring Ellen Wille's expanded Top Power Collection, and feel on top of the world with your newfound volume and coverage! Need help choosing the right hair topper for you? Follow the steps below or use our product quiz.

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