Face Framing Tips & Tricks!

Face Framing Tips & Tricks!

Throughout history, humans have decided to showcase our most important pieces of artwork in frames. Frames can protect art, but more importantly, it brings the viewer’s eyes to the masterpiece in question.

I bet you know where I’m going with this. Just look at your face, beautiful! Shouldn’t you be framing that gorgeous visage? 

For our faces, we, of course, don’t use big wooden frames. Instead, hair is the frame of the face. With the right nuances, a hairstyle can draw attention to and highlight the face.

Two main factors work in framing the face. First: the style and cut. Previously, we have discussed what styles best complement face shapes. We even broke down how to part your hair for each shape. Your face shape and what complements it is important information to get intimate with. 

Still, if all of that is information overload for you, let’s simplify it. There is one style that suits and flatters every face: layers. Yes, hair layers are everyone’s secret weapon! When done right, layers bring attention to the face, and softens features.



The other factor that works into face-framing is color. Specifically, the honor of framing is usually left to highlights. Who doesn’t want that sun-kissed look?

Face-framing highlights are having a serious moment. With the blast of balayage, money piece hair or hair contouring skyrocketed into popularity in recent years. Most pinpoint the beginning of the trend to an Instagram selfie posted by Beyonce in 2019, showing off her money piece highlights.

What is a money piece? Simply put, it’s the method of highlighting the strands of hair that frame the face. One stylist describes it as “the hair color equivalent to highlighter.” A money piece isn’t the only way, though. Any strategically placed highlights can beautifully frame a face. Rooted looks with lower highlights can bring focus and accentuate cheekbones, for example. 



If you’re looking for a wig that will face your face, we’ve compiled a list of the most instantly flattering looks. 


Layered Wigs



  1. Star Quality by Raquel Welch - This ready-to-wear synthetic wig has long, subtle layers and a flattering side-swept bang.
  2. Mega Mono by Ellen Wille - The layers of this wig are styled and flipped inward. This look can make appear a face appear slimmer and softer.
  3. Evanna by Rene of Paris - For a double team of layers and highlights, get this look in the Mochaccino-LR shade. It’s a longer dark root with light brown base and strawberry blonde highlights.
  4. Angelica by Noriko - Layers don’t have to mean short hair! Angelica is a stunning long wig with all-over layering that falls to mid-back.


Highlighted Wig Colors 


  1. Banana Split LR by Rene of Paris - For bold shades, Rene of Paris is a clear winner. Banana Split could be called a heavily rooted blonde. It has dark roots that melt into a golden hue.
  2. Macadamia LR by Rene of Paris - Highlights don’t always mean blonde. This brunette shade is brightened up with honey brown highlights.
  3. Salted Caramel by Jon Renau - The name is yummy, and so is the shade. The base is gorgeous auburn and is accented with low blonde highlights.
  4. Rosewood Rooted by Ellen Wille - Red hot! This Ellen Wille color is a rooted dark brown that transforms into terra-cotta tones.
Have you experimented with layers and highlights? What have you found flatters best? Discuss it with fellow wig wearers in our forum!


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