Find A Hair Stylist That Works With Wigs!

Find A Hair Stylist That Works With Wigs!

Finding the right hair salon can lead to a beautiful relationship—especially if you’re paired with the right team and individual stylist. The stylist’s personality, friendliness, and, of course, styling capabilities are paramount to a positive experience in a hair salon. However, whether or not the service provider who styles your hair is the most talented and warm person you ever met, a good salon provides the foundation for your happiness and the stylist to flourish. Read more and discover what to look for in a hair salon. offers a salon locator so you can find the best wig store, shop or salon nearby!


 1. Continuing Education and Training


Having a bad experience at a hair salon can look like a variety of things—the coppery red you wanted is pink, the stylist was awkward and frigid, or the front desk was disorganized. That’s why continuing education and training amongst staff members is so important. Salons that take the time and effort to support their employees delivering a premium experience is a salon that really cares about their clients. A bad service can create problems for a salon with online platforms. It’s easy to find good salons—(and weed out the bad)—with Instagram. Salons that use Instagram social media marketing should have a full feed for you to explore. Check out the profile before you schedule an appointment. Many happy clients will use a salon’s hashtag or check-in to showcase high-quality work as well. Scout Instagram for user-generated images as they are more authentic.


David Wagner of Juut Salon Spa developed the Daymaker movement to encourage his employees to really take the time to be empathetic—kindness IS the best marketing tool a salon can have. As Instagram is great visually, social media marketing Facebook activities—especially reviews—are where you can really determine stylists’ personalities and see which one will be the most pleasant to have. That combined with great work equals an incredible experience.


 2. Consultation Options—Especially for Color


You don’t want to get a haircut that does not work with your schedule or budget. The first step is to type in a Google search “hair salons near me”—(obviously check their Facebook reviews and Instagram images after). Once you find a salon close to you, call to see if you can have a short consultation before you make a big commitment with your hairstyle. Scheduling a consultation is necessary because hair salons limit schedule gaps to book as many people as possible in one day. During your consultation you can ask questions like how many times per six months you will need to touch up your color or maintain your shaggy bangs. Taking the 40 minutes to research and discuss your natural hair, and wig or topper with a professional is worth the time.


3. Price Benchmarks Matching Experience


A good hair salon will designate if a stylist is expert level or a rising talent on their menu or website. They’ll also match prices to the different echelons. This gives you the ability to work within a budget and not pay $70 for a quick trim. It also lets you determine which stylist you need to splurge your money on to make sure you get the perfect color you’ve been dying to have. 


 4. Specialty Offshoots

A new trend in hair salons is having a subsidiary specialty still in the haircare world. As salons in the past reserved a room or two for a small spa component, owners are narrowing their efforts in only hair health. Seeing a need to help women who suffer from hair loss, Teddie Koss of Salon Spa launched the Teddie Kossof Center for Hair Regrowth to help individuals suffering from lupus, alopecia, poor scalp health, or hormonal imbalances regrow healthy hair with innovative products and technology.

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Hi Jennifer,

The great thing about wigs is that you can put them on yourself! We understand it can seem challenging to put on or to make it look natural. Our experts would love to help you with trying on a wig and making it look natural over a virtual consultation.

We provide this premier service to our clients free of charge. If you would like to schedule one you can click on the link below to do so:


The Wig Experts

Hi Dolores,

We researched wig shops near you that might do cutting and styling:

Our Wig Boutique – (336) 765-5806
Beautisa – (336) 767-8118

We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

Hi Maxine,

We apologize we don’t have any wig shops or people we can refer you to in your area to alter your wig. We searched and found the following:

Wigs R You (916) 784-1222
The Wig Shoppe (916) 481-8387

We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

Hi Eileen,

That sounds like a fantastic wig to be exactly like your hair and to have lasted so long! That means you took good care of it. We found the following for you for the customization of your piece:

Wear Hair For You – Phone number
(571) 225-3334

Joi Wig Salon – (703) 913-9447

The Wig Spa – (240) 381-7841

We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

Hi Angel! Congratulations- that is super exciting!

Here is a link to options for men including wigs, toppers, and other pieces!:


Have a wonderful day!

The Wig Experts

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