Get Your Daily Deals Discount Wigs ON SALE NOW 40% OFF!

Get Your Daily Deals Discount Wigs ON SALE NOW 40% OFF!

Deals, Deals and MORE DEALS! What's better than that? Now available on Daily Deals!

Wig Coupon is very excited to announce that we now have a brand new way to get discounts on wigs from our Daily Deals page! Just when you thought you couldn't get any more amazing sales, we found another way to get you the perfect name brand wig you want, without breaking the bank. Here's a rundown of how it works:

Every night at midnight, new styles in certain colors will be added to Daily Deals. We have overstock on these wigs and they need to go, so we're making them a total steal at 40% off! These items will be limited quantity so you'll want to grab them while you can. 

Name Brand Wigs On Sale

Here's some details about your daily deals purchases:

  • Once the item is added to your cart, the coupon code will be added. 
  • You will want to purchase Daily Deals in a separate transaction than other purchases to make sure you get the discount!
  • You can purchase more than one Daily Deals item in a single transaction, as all of these items will get the 40% off discount.
  • Daily Deals coupons cannot be added to other coupon codes, so keep this in mind on sale days. 

We wanted to make sure you get your amazing deal lightning fast, so we guarantee same day shipping when you make your order before 2:00 p.m. CST on business days.  

Each day, 36 different items will be added to the Daily Deals page. These wigs will be switching from the 36 the day before, so if you see an item you want, grab it while you can as it may not be on the list the next day (and these wigs are while supplies last). 

Wigs For Sale

Please keep in mind that if you see a wig you like, but do not wish to purchase the color shown, Daily Deals coupons are not applicable to colors other than those on the Daily Deals page. So maybe this is your chance to try a new color! At nearly half off, what's to lose? 

So what are you waiting for, head on over to the Daily Deals page and grab your discount name brand wig while you can, you never know what you might find! 


Are you excited for Daily Deals? Let us know in the comments sections below! 


Great service!


I have purchased two wigs so far from your company. Waiting for the second wig to come. Love to look at all the styles!

Barbara Wolcott

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