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Gray Wigs

Our Best Rated Gray Wigs 

Gray wigs are popular — and for good reason! Grey hair wigs are an excellent choice for a stylish, natural look. A common misconception is that gray wigs are only for older ladies, but they actually work on women of all ages! Just like there are different ways to spell the word “gray” (“grey” or “gray”?), there are different shades of gray hair wigs. Everyone can find the perfect style and tone for their unique face shape and skin color. We have wonderful options for gray wigs for black ladies, gray wigs for older ladies, gray wigs for younger ladies and more.


It’s very difficult to source gray human hair for making gray hair wigs and gray  hair toppers, so the vast majority of gray wig options are synthetic. But this isn’t a bad thing! Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain and come in many ready-to-wear styles. High quality synthetic gray hair wigs look natural. Here are our favorite  short gray wigs.

Megan by Noriko 

A best-seller, the Megan by Noriko  is a great gray wig that comes in mixed gray colors: sandy silver and silver stone. This short gray wig is a semi-wedge bob hairstyle with tapered back, a flattering shape for all face shapes. Talk about timeless! The basic cap makes it easy to apply and ready-to-wear right from the box.

For a short, pixie cut grey wig with feathered waves, the True Demure by Gabor  is it! This short gray wig comes in many, many different shades of mixed gray so you can find the perfect fit for your skin tone — such as a sugared charcoal, sugared pewter,  sugared silver, sugared smoke, silvery moon, and sugared nickel. These colors and mixed gray wig options add dimension to hair and texture, giving you a very natural look.

One of our most popular short gray wigs, the Dot by Ellen WIlle, comes in two gorgeous gray shades: salt-pepper mixed gray wig and a silver mixed gray wig. The soft layers create a feminine, face-framing shape. 

Looking for a short gray lace front wig? Then look no further than the Spring Hi by Ellen Wille. The Spring Hi comes in different shades of gray, both a snow mixed gray lace front wig and a salt & pepper gray lace front wig. The lace front on this beautiful wig allows you to style the hair away from the face while still rocking a natural-looking hairline.


A medium length gray bob wig  with bangs, the Star by Ellen Wille comes in two mixed gray wig options: snow mix wig and salt & pepper gray wig. The fringe on this lace front gray wig helps conceal your natural hairline, easily achieving a realistic look.

Kristen by Jon Renau comes in 60 Winter Sun, 60S18 Sleet, FS36/56/60S4 Storm, 56F51 Oyster, 101F48T, 38 Milkshake.  Another incredible lace front gray wig! This gray bob comes in a wide range of mixed gray wig colors, from Oyster to Sleet. A slightly longer bob, this gray wig is a medium length that gently brushes your shoulders. It’s pre-styled with a ready-to-wear lace front for maximum convenience. For a shoulder-brushing, chic gray wig medium length, this is your perfect option!


One of our best grey long wigs, the Serena by Rene of Paris  is a long silver wig with bangs and feathery-soft layering for a feminine, glamorous look. This long gray wig comes in multiple mixed gray wig colors so you can find the match for your unique needs. The razored layers give it a youthful feel, as does the on-trend shag style! This option is so high fashion!

Another one of our best gray long wigs with a fringe, the Joy by Envy   comes in 3 shades of grey for you to choose from; dark grey, medium grey, light grey.  This long grey wig has face-framing layers, providing a natural movement and texture to the hair that flatters all face shapes. It’s also our most popular long length gray wig with a lace front. Look glamorous with this stunning gray style.

We hope this guide to gray wigs in multiple lengths (with or without lace fronts) helps you find the perfect gray wig for you. The only rule to going gray, is to pick the style that suits you best and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.  As you can see, there are lots of beautiful styles to choose from. 


Hi Barbara,

We have a few colors that will have more white in the front and gradually transition to more grey. The color Sugared Charcoal (511C) for Gabor, Sandy Silver, and Silver Stone for Noriko and Rene of Paris, Gradient Charcoal (RL511), and Iced Granita (RL51/61) for Raquel Welch are a few.

We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

My need is more white in front and mixture in back. Can you point me to the right combo?

Barbara Ball

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