"Growing" Out Your Hairstyle: From a Pixie to a Bob Wig

"Growing" Out Your Hairstyle: From a Pixie to a Bob Wig

Deciding to let your hair grow from a short style usually means an awkward growing phase. You are in this transitional look until your hair reaches your desired length.
If you wear a wig, obviously, you don’t have to grow out your wearable hair. Going from short to long is as simple as switching pieces.
Still, you may choose to transition from a short wig to a longer wig for many reasons. A gradual transition is beneficial if you’re trying to keep your wig-wearing under wraps. You can’t don a long wig the day after a pixie!
We listed best-selling pixie wigs from our favorite brands and rounded up the best transitional bob wigs to match.

Raquel Welch



Pixie: Sparkle
Sparkle is a texturized pixie that frames the face layers on the side and back. It’s a ready-to-wear wig made with Vibralite synthetic, a fiber designed to feel and look just like natural hair. Plus, it is incredibly lightweight (only a little over 2 ounces!) and breathable.
Longer Pixie: Salsa
The previous pixie is on the shorter side, so if you’re looking to add length but keep the style, check out Salsa. This piece is considered a pageboy style and has the perfect collar length. It has easy waves and a cute wispy bang.
Bob: Trend Setter
We are getting longer! Trend Setter has the same textured volume as the last two Raquel Welch wigs but is chin-length. The ends have a fashionable flip, and it keeps that style as it is ready-to-wear synthetic.

Jon Renau



Pixie: Jazz
Jazz, like the music it shares its name with, is a timeless style. With layered sides and crown along with a flipped nape, this look is fun and flattering. It arrives pre-styled in a sleek pixie, but with some finger styling, you soon have an alluring shag style!
Longer Pixie: Evan
Evan is a bob haircut that borrows style hints from the pageboy look. Evan is sweet and sassy with a sleek texture. You’ll especially love the ready-to-wear lace front! 
Bob: Heat 
Heat is a wavy bob made for flexibility. If you’d like to add more texture to this look, feel free: it’s made with high heat synthetic fiber.

Ellen Wille



Pixie: Sky
Sky is a funky cool look with an asymmetrical style complete with flared ends. The hand-knotted monofilament cap creates the look of natural hair growth at the part. Plus, Sky is low-maintenance since it is pre-styled and requires little or no customization.
Longer Pixie: Echo
When it comes to Ellen Wille, if the Sky wig is your limit, go longer with Echo. This long pixie has a touch of attitude with choppy textured layers and long bangs.
Bob: Java
Java is the perfect mix of sass and sophistication. This bob has chin-length feathery layers and a clean-cut nape.

Rene of Paris



Pixie: Coco
Coco is ready to charm everyone around you! Tousled wispy layers and a face-framing bang keep this look fresh. Plus, it’s a bargain-friendly piece. 

Longer Pixie: Audrey
Audrey is a smooth pixie wig with angled sides that make this look bold. It has more length than the last Rene of Paris wig but keeps the same style.

Bob: Wyatt
Wyatt is a wavy bob wig that has one foot in vintage and one foot in modern. The deep side-swept bang is 100% flattering, though.




Pixie: Soft Romance
Adding length to a bob can give it an air of romance. Soft Romance can be worn sleek and smooth, or finger tousled for some edginess.

Longer Pixie: Gratitude 
So many customers find themselves grateful for this Gabor wig. It’s no wonder; check out those layers and side-swept bang. Plus, it has volume for days!


Bob: Modern Motif
As you would imagine with the name, this Gabor wig is for the modern woman. The full layers give natural movement, while the eyelash bang gives just a hint of flirtation.

Do you have any pixie-to-bob transition ideas of your own? Share them in the comments!

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