Hair Color & Skin Tone

Hair Color & Skin Tone

It's no secret that occasionally when shopping for wigs, no matter how hard you try, it can seem impossible to find something that looks natural. Whether due to color blend, style or otherwise, dealing with finding the right wig for you to maintain a natural, professional look can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to start. After doing a bit of research and talking with some stylists, I have compiled a list of hair colors that flatter several skin tones and provide a natural look for all. Think of this as a guide when choosing, rather than a shopping list!


Hair Color & Skin Tone


First Step: Know Your Skin Tone

There are typically two complexion umbrellas people fall into: Cool or Warm toned. And then you can be light, medium, or deep in either of those complexion ranges.


Cool Toned

If you are a light cool, you will typically have rosy-pink, pearly or pinkish-beige skin. Eye color typically goes grayish-blue, light blue or bluish-green colors - but of course there are exceptions to everything with genetics. The recommended hair colors for this skin type are usually lighter, such as platinum blond, white blond, and light brown. A good wig to use for inspiration is the Barbara - Remy Human Hair (Mono Top) by Wig Pro in Platinum Blonde. It is a breathable, sleek bob made from 100% human hair. This makes it not only appear to be natural but allows for a natural feel as well. It blends with any hairline and provides both a professional and fun appearance based on styling.


Barbara by Wig Pro

Barbara by Wig Pro | Shop


If you are medium to deep cool, your skin will have a light to dark olive or dark brown coloration. Eye colors common are brown, deep blue, bluish-green or deep green. The best hair colors for this skin type are black or deep coffee brown, as well as burgundy, mahogany or any red-based hair coloring. A good example of this coloring is the Zoey by Envy in Medium Brown. This wig has natural highlights that are auburn and red in tone, giving a natural, yet dimensional tone to the hair. This wig can be easily styled, and being a blend of human hair and heat-friendly fibers means that you can curl, straighten, and blow dry this hair like natural hair. This is one of the most realistic wigs I have ever seen and should be a staple in everyone’s wig closet.


Zoey Wig by Envy | Shop

Zoey Wig by Envy | Shop


Warm Toned

If you are light warm, The skin has yellow undertones and the eyes are brown or green-hazel. The hair color must not be too dark, so light ash brown or golden blond are the best choices. Highlights can be in beige blond or even golden-copper red. One of my favorite wig styles with these color options is the Brittany by Amore in Strawberry Swirl (pictured here) or Copper Glaze. This style is long and curly and is wearable right out of the bag. It is versatile, easy to style and wear with ease. This wig is also cool because of the cap style so it is great for any climate or season.


Brittany by Amore

Brittany Wig by Amore

 What are your favorite hair colors for your skin tone? 

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