Hair Essentials

Hair Essentials

You’ve survived the work week and the last thing you want to do come Saturday morning is wash, blowdry, and style your hair. You’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to see. The good news is that you can skip the high hair maintenance and be out the door in ten minutes with these few simple weekend hair hacks.

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Dry Shampoo

Once upon a time, dirty and greasy hair equalled a bad hair day. The days before Dry Shampoo became a staple in every woman’s bathroom cabinet are hard to recall. While I’m not entirely sure how we got by, I have a feeling that a lot of hats were involved. Dry Shampoo is arguably one of the greatest beauty contributions to modern civilization, allowing you to be the only one who knows you decided to sleep in and skip the shower. 

Dry Shampoo comes in both aerosol and powder versions and works by absorbing the natural oils in your hair. And the bonus- Dry Shampoo thickens your hair. Dry shampoo for men is a perfect for after the gym or just on a lazy Sunday. Not only does dry shampoo for men leave hair grease-free but it also leaves hair fuller- an amazing extra for men who may be experiencing thinning hair. With a sprinkle or a spray, the grease is gone and you have a little extra bounce to boot.


The Messy Bun

It will never fail you. Especially when you throw a little Dry Shampoo into the mix. Even when you’re hair is freshly washed, dry shampoo provides your hair with the perfect texture and volume to simply throw your hair up in a top knot and be on your way!


The Low Pony

Achieving this look is a simple as it gets ladies. Pull all of your hair back even with your ears then loosen your grip to free any shorter strands around your face. Throw a hair tie in and you’re done. Feeling fancy? Tie a ribbon or scarf in around your elastic band and you’re suddenly Saturday chic.


The Side-Braid

The braid is another classic go-to style that works great on unwashed hair. You don’t have to invest twenty minutes into a french braid or flower crown. Simply spray a few spritzes of Jon Renau’s “Boho Beach Mist” onto hair before braiding. Keep your braid low and loose.Wear your braid to the side for an effortlessly fun weekend look.

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Just grab the top dry shampoo and other great weekend hair products like the volumizing foam by Jon Renau and try these easy hairstyles for dirty hair and you’ll spend the weekend stress-free and in-style!


What are your ultimate weekend essentials?



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