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Hair Loss | Select Your Solution

We've received so much positive feedback about our new Hair Loss section that we've already made some updates so we can serve you even better. Our Hair Matchmaker chart has been improved, we added our first few "One Woman's Story" videos, and we created a new page dedicated to the best hairstyles for your face shape. 

Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

As we continue to evolve our hair loss section, please contact us (or comment below) and let us know what you'd like to see. We truly appreciate your feedback! And we hope our hair loss section continues to help you select your solution.


Many women are unaware that there are solutions beyond wigs for hair loss coverage! We are beginning to see that more and more women suffering from hair loss are using hair toppers that blend naturally with natural hair to provide coverage in the top areas of the head. 

Even more great news, you can get just the right amount of coverage you need based of the specific measurements of your area of hair loss. Our hair toppers and top pieces range from minimal coverage to full coverage and everywhere in between! So follow these guidelines for measuring your hair loss and finding the perfect solution for you, then browse our high-quality hair topper collection to choose the best match for your hair type, length and color! 


Learn more about Hair Loss through our Hair Loss Section

Do you wear hair toppers for hair loss coverage? Let us know which topper you can't live without in the comments below!


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