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Hair Vitamins That Actually Work

Posted on February 13 2018

“How to grow your hair?”, has likely been one of the top Google searches at one point or another. We’ve all sifted through different platforms to see what we can change in our hair routine to allow our hair to grow longer and stronger. Natural ingredients, hair masks, and protective styles are some of the most popular ways to grow out our hair; wearing wigs is also one of the best ways to give your real hair a break from products and styling. Although those are beneficial to the promotion of hair growth, it’s important to consider internal methods as well. Which brings us to our main question... 


Hair Vitamins


Do Hair Vitamins Actually Work?

Vitamins for hair growth and strength have been around for years and even have their own section in most vitamin stores. Healthy hair vitamins usually include ingredients such as biotin, fish oil, zinc and many other beneficial ingredients. As new hair vitamin brands emerge we begin to see a more approachable and tasty alternative to our usual bland tasting hair vitamins. Most of us, by now, have seen the popular SugarBearHair vitamins all over social media. Whether you’ve seen them advertised on your timeline, featured by your favorite influencer, or pictured with your favorite celebrity, you have to ask yourself, “Do they really work?”. It almost seems too good to be true; all you would need to do is simply chew a delicious vitamin twice a day and eventually your hair will begin to grow. So the question then moves to “What do you have to lose?”, definitely not your hair.


Do Vitamins Work for Hair?


Why Do They Work?

The SugarBear hair vitamins have been considered the best selling online hair vitamin since 2016, according to the SugarBear hair website. It hit social media by storm, and it seemed everyone who got their hands on the tiffany blue bear-shaped gummy swore by it’s hair growing results. Which makes sense since the sugar bear vitamin includes vitamin A, vitamin C, B12, Biotin, and other clinically proven ingredients that support hair growth. So it’s nice to know that it’s not just a cutesy gimmick that does virtually nothing it is actually one of the better healthy hair vitamins to try if you are in the market for an effective hair vitamin.

Vitamins for hair growth and strength are great to use when starting a hair growth journey, but it is not the only means to consider. Good diet, protective styling, and quality hair care products all play a huge role when growing your hair. Not only will you have to take care of your hair, but also you will need to pay attention to how you take care of your body internally. We should all think of balance when taking on a hair growth journey, having a go to daily hair maintenance routine, a conscious diet, and staying consistent with daily hair growth supplements all create the stepping stones towards growing longer and stronger hair.

So now as we ask the question again, “Do hair vitamins actually work?”, the answer is dependent on you and your lifestyle but, in short, the answer is yes.

Do you take vitamins for hair growth and strength?

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