Hairstyles For Men with Thin Hair

Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

We believe men can use some hair guidance too. For women it’s easy to just open a magazine, go to a hair blog, or look through social media to draw inspiration, but for men the options seem a bit few and far between. This is especially true for men who may be experiencing thinning or the loss of hair all together. Thinning of the hair is nothing new and can happen to anyone, and the comforting thing about this fact is there are more options now then ever before for those who suffer with this issue. So don’t throw your hands up just yet, lets explore some options! 

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I think its safe to say when it comes to men, ‘easy’ is the word they want to hear especially when it comes to their hair. Hairstyles for men with thin hair are all about knowing how to work with what you have. For instance, you may notice you have some thinning happening in the front of your hair. One way to conceal the thinning is to create a distinct part and comb the hair evenly in whichever direction you prefer. This method not only hides the thinning, but also gives the hair a fuller and more polished look. Of course a part may not be the look for every guy so another way to cover up thinning is to play up the texture of your hair. Instead of letting the hair lay flat you can try brushing the hair up and over, this actually stimulates the hair follicles to promote growth while adding volume to give the hair a fuller appearance, and you can style the hair in which ever direction you’d like.

It's good to know the options and hairstyles for men with thin hair, but for some men their hair may have reached a point where trying to conceal it may bring more attention to the thinning. In this case, a wig is the perfect choice! Men’s wigs have been around for many years so the design, structure, and quality has only evolved over time. There are now wigs for men that look so undetectable people you see everyday may not even notice a difference in your hair at all. Some of the most popular men’s wigs are synthetic lace front wigs, these types of wigs are the most natural looking wigs because of how the lace front creates a natural looking hairline. 


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“Your hair is your crown” is not a phrase reserved only for women; the same applies to men as well. We should always feel confident... especially when it comes to our hair! There is no need to stress over thinning hair because there are so many solutions and options available for everyone to look their absolute best. Whether you try a new style or opt for a wig, the only thing that matters is that you feel good about your crown always.


What are your favorite hairstyles for men? 

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