Have You Ever Been Called Out For Wearing A Wig?

Have You Ever Been Called Out For Wearing A Wig?

Whether you wear a wig for medical, religious, or personal reason, not everyone wants to broadcast their wearing of wigs to the entire world. And being called out for wearing wigs when you are not prepared can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting.

Should wigs be embarrassing?

I don't know if I can remember a time when I wasn't self-conscious about my hair. I have always had thin hair, and because it's so light in color and my skin is so fair, I have always dealt with fears that people would begin to notice just how thin my hair was, and I wouldn't be deemed as attractive or worth it. At 15, I started to wear wigs.

Because I was younger, I couldn't afford much in terms of good quality hair; so, I was always scared of being called out. The first time I was called out for wearing a wig was by a family member when I was 17. While some experiences I have had talking to people about my decision to wear wigs was formal and educational, this seemed to come from an accusatory place - as if to say, "Why can't you be happy with the hair you have?" 

Saying something like that is so incredibly problematic. The stigmatization of wearing a wig can feel like a brick weighing on your chest making it very difficult to want to go out and do anything. This is how I felt back then. However, I had someone come to me and tell me one of the most important, necessary things I needed to hear then.

“They can only break you down if you give them permission.”

My mom said that. She had watched for years as I struggled with self-esteem issues due to my hair and continued to be there for me and boosted my confidence until I was able to do that for myself. Choosing to wear a wig is not just important for feeling good about how you look, but about having the confidence to move through the world at your own pace and with your own style. Don’t let someone take away your confidence because of an insecurity of their own!

Wearing Wigs In Public

 No matter your reason for wearing wigs, it's important to remember that your wig is your hair. Just because it didn't grow from your head doesn't mean that you don't own it and that it's not a part of you just like natural hair would be. Your decision to wear wigs is your choice and we encourage you to embrace this choice. 

Luckily, there are so many advances in the wig industry from improvements in hair fibers in synthetic wigs, to the cap constructions and lace fronts. Even human hair wigs have made amazing strides through the years. We are so fortunate to be able to offer quality wigs and hair toppers that are incredibly natural looking and ease worry about being found out. 

We also know that not everyone is the same. Some people are comfortable being open about their decision to wear hair while some are terrified at the thought of the world knowing. And either way, we are here to give the best support we can and empower you to embrace your beautiful wigs. 

Wig Discussion Forum

We are also happy to share that we have a forum dedicated to women and men who wear wigs. This is a safe place for the wig community to talk about their fears and discomforts, support one another and discuss all things wigs. Please don't hesitate to check it out at wigs.org. You may be surprised to find other's that have been in similar situations.

We often read stories about people and their way of life with wigs in the forum. Sometimes it can be a woman who felt uncomfortable when someone touched her hair, and is asking for opinions on how to deal with this request. And sometimes it's people asking about a certain wig, brand or color. But the main trend we see is an abundance of support by the wig community to one another. Always offering advice, encouragement and emotional support. 

Wigs.com loves to hear stories of women and men alike who have chosen to wear hair. If the situation ever arises where you are put on the spot about your wig wearing, remember that you don't have to tell them that you are if you're not comfortable. And if you are comfortable sharing, make sure they know that wigs are a great option for hair loss and that just because you didn't grow it yourself, it's still your hair! 

Have you ever been called out for wearing a wig? Tell us how you responded in the comments!

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I’m a physician and developed what I will call severe alopecia. I started wearing a wig about 7 years ago and I love it. My hair is one thing I never got compliments on until I started wearing a wig. I specialize in women’s healthcare and ,over my 27 years in practice,have frequently had devastated women come to me about alopecia, some in tears. I empathize with them but they don’t get it yet. Inevitably they will look at me and say you couldn’t understand with that great head of hair. Thats when I knock them off their chair and say I have a personal secret to share with you then they look into my eyes and I tell them that I’m virtually bald and am wearing a wig. After that revelation the whole mood changes and my patient is there sharing my secret with me. There are several minutes of I can’t believe it, no way it can’t be , it always looks perfect. I tell them that I’ve been wearing it for 7 years and I provide a card to my wig shop and just urge them to go and check it out. That revelation allows me to get so much closer with my patients and develop a relationship that is truly a beautiful thing. It makes my patients not fell alone in this world where women are not supposed to go bald. To everyone else on the very rare occasion that I get asked, not because it looked like a wig but because my secret was leaked, I say why do you ask? But I ask people that question me about many stupid things that they ask. It is amazing some of the questions I get not related to wigs that need to be shut down, these days people feel justified asking strangel personal questions. Anyway I love wearing my wigs especially in the rain absolutely not a problem, just fluff and go. I do not agree that the most natural look being natural hair. I’ve tried both and I’ll take synthetic every time. If you have ever wrestled with your natural hair, hair you were born with it and have had a lifetime to get to know. Well now you’ve got someone else’s hair on your head to wrestle with that gets frizzy in the rain or won’t hold a curl just like your old natural hair. With synthetic you are ready to go in minutes, in any weather. Synthetic wigs are the bomb!!! I now believe that my alopecia was a gift from God and I embrace it!!! 🤗

Cynthia Parker

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