How Can You Tell if a Wig is Heat Friendly?

January 24, 2023

Identifying Synthetic Wigs

If you're not sure whether a wig is heat-friendly or not, look for the label or what many retailers call a "hang tag". Most wigs will have this information printed on the tag, usually either "heat friendly" or "heat resistant". 

Additionally, if a wig is made out of polyester synthetic fibers, it's likely to be heat-friendly. 


It's important to keep in mind that even if a wig is labeled as heat-friendly, you should still take precautions when styling it with thermal/heat styling tools. Keep the temperature of your tools between 275° F to 300° F. Too hot and your fiber can become damaged or deteriorate faster, too cool and your fiber will not style. We recommend letting the hair fiber cool in the shape you desire which ensures it will hold the style after it cools. It's also important to use a detangling spray and a wide tooth comb to detangle and help prevent frizzing with synthetic fibers. Frizzing is inevitable and is caused by friction and tension, so be sure to smooth out any frizz using a flat iron, and focus on the nape of your wig where frizz tends to appear quickest.  

Have questions about heat-friendly wigs? Feel free to reach out and ask us - we're always happy to help! We hope you found this information helpful. Happy styling! 

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