How Do I Tell My Partner I Wear Wigs?

FEBRUARY 14, 2023

Jenna Fail - How do I tell my partner
The answer to this question is totally up to you and when (or if) you are ready to share this information with your partner. The good news is that you are in control of this situation and decide when the time is right for you to share. 

One way to tell your partner you wear wigs is to be open and honest. Explain why you choose to wear a wig — whether it’s for fashion or hair loss — and how it makes you feel. It can also be helpful to give your partner a few examples of the types of wigs you wear and show them pictures if possible. You might even want to let them try one on! 
Jenna Fail in Ignite by Jon Renau

Think Beforehand

The other option is not to tell your partner you wear wigs. If you choose to go this route, some things to think about are those intimate moments where they may touch your head or hair. It is best to think ahead about how you will handle an intimate moment if they notice something different in your hairstyle or feel something unfamiliar on your head. Take some extra time beforehand so that when the conversation comes up, you’re ready to talk about it. Try to remember that many women wear wigs, some for hair loss and some for fashion. How you respond will likely influence your partner’s reaction and response.  

Supportive Partners

When Jenna & Chris Fail visited our office in Dallas, we asked Chris about his opinions on wigs- especially since his wife wears them regularly due to thinning hair. His response was inspiring! “The biggest thing I’ve noticed is a huge boost in confidence from Jenna when she wears wigs…to me it’s no different than, like, an outfit she wears, she puts on makeup, jewelry, those types of things. It’s just another accessory that she puts on. And I like them. They’re all different.” Chris goes on to encourage other partners to be supportive as women with thinning hair are already struggling with this confidence, having the support from their partners about wearing wigs will boost her confidence.    

Above all, remember that this is an important part of who you are, and your partner should understand and accept that. Do what makes you feel comfortable and feel confident!

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