How long can you leave a wig on?

September 19th, 2023

Wigs can transform your look (and confidence) in minutes! You might be wondering exactly how long they can be left on or what makes a wig more comfortable to wear all day. Let’s explore the different factors affecting wig wear time and comfort:
  • Wig Materials

    Quality craftsmanship is worth the investment, not just because of how much more natural a well-made wig will look, but also because high quality materials will always be more comfortable against the skin and have a better fit.
  • Cap Design

    There are various cap designs from fully-wefted, budget-friendly styles all the way to 100% hand-tied, lace front styles that are more of an investment. You might prefer a wefted “open cap” that is more lightweight and breathable. Alternatively, you might even forget you’re wearing a wig with many stretchy, hand-tied caps.

  • Fiber

    Fiber type plays a crucial role in the comfort of your wig. Many people find that human hair is softer against the skin and tangles less than synthetic fiber. Others find synthetic fiber lighter weight and cooler to wear in warmer climates.

  • Attachment

    Wigs professionally attached using glue or adhesive, otherwise known as “bonding”, can typically be worn for a few weeks or more before requiring reattachment. This means you can sleep, shower and swim in them! If your wig isn’t bonded, we advise removing it before you hit the hay, shower or dive in the pool.

  • Skin Sensitivity

    Individual skin types vary, and some people may experience scalp discomfort from the knots inside a hand-tied wig or certain types of lace fronts touching their skin. Sometimes all it takes to resolve the issue is a bamboo wig liner or double checking that you’re wearing the correct cap size. It's essential to monitor your skin's reaction and look at possible solutions if you experience any irritation.

The length of time you leave your wig on from day to day looks different for everyone. We also know that life happens– that might mean throwing a shower cap over your wig for a quick rinse before a night out with friends or waking up with your wig still on. There are no strict rules to how long you should wear your wig but we hope this blog is a helpful guide for what to expect!

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