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How To Brush A Wig

It was bound to happen. You committed the cardinal wig sin. You traveled with your wig and didn’t transport it properly. We always recommend a special wig bag, like the ResQ bag by Amy Gibson. No one is perfect though, and for this trip, you forgot to pack your travel case. On the way home, you toss it in your suitcase and hope for the best. 

Still, your hope was for naught, because phew, your wig is now a hot mess. All the frizz! The tangles! It certainly isn’t pretty, but you can salvage this.  A proper brushing can restore your wig back to its pre-travel glory.

The Best Way To Brush A Wig

Before you begin, pick your station. If you have a wig stand or a mannequin head, those are your best bet. You can even wear the wig and brush it as you wear it, as long as you are in front of a mirror.

With your wig in front of you, it’s time to assess the damage. Is the tangling minimal? Could you reasonably work a brush through the hair without ripping it? If so, get cracking! However, if the wig looks like it needs a little more TLC, try a leave-in conditioner. BeautiMark has you covered. The 3-in-1 Miracle Protect spray is specially formulated for human hair wigs and extensions. For synthetic wigs, go with their synthetic Leave-in Conditioner.

Miracle Wig Protecting Spray

After generously spraying on your leave-in conditioner, arm yourself with the right wig brush. Wig veterans already know how important the right brush is. If you’re new to this type of regimen, do not grab the same brush you use on your biological hair. This goes for human hair wigs as well. Wigs need different care.

At Wigs.com, we offer numerous quality wig brushes in varying styles. Jon Renau’s paddle brush is a must for adding shine and smoothness. You can use it for quick detangling through the day as well. If you’re more comfortable using a comb, try this wide-tooth comb by BeautiMark. This comb eliminates frizz and static.

When you start brushing, start at the bottom and work your way up. Brushing from the top to bottom can cause even more tangling, leaving the wig worse than when you started! This can be time-consuming. Be gentle and go slow. If your wig is curly, brush each ringlet separately. If your wig is straight, section off pieces so you don’t mix up what you’ve already brushed.  

After a good brushing, your wig will be just like new! Enjoy your revitalized wig! Next time, remember the proper precautions to protect your wig from tangles and damage. When your wig is good shape, maintenance is easier and quicker. Tangles: nobody’s got time for that!

If you need a good comb or brush, explore our selection of brushes and combs for wigs.

Do you have any tips and tricks for brushing out wigs? Share them with us in the comments!

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