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How to make lace front wigs look more realistic

June 15th, 2023

Black and White photo of Alopecia models in Jeanna Doyle photoshoot

2 Main Factors

There are two main factors in making your lace front with undetectable:
  • Picking a high quality wig with superior craftsmanship

  • Learning a few customization and blending techniques 

Qualities to Look For

When it comes to finding wigs with the best lace fronts, there are some important qualities to look for:
Made from fine yet durable monofilament 
Fine knots for a softer hairline
Extended coverage. As seen on Zara Lite above (often called an “ear to ear” lace front)
Blends into skin tone (Featured: Raquel Welch Limelight)
Black and White photo of Alopecia models in Jeanna Doyle photoshoot

Expert Tips

Tips to make your lace front more natural looking:
  • Use a little foundation powder to soften darker knots or reduce shine of the lace

  • Carefully pluck some of the knots to thin out the hairline if it looks too full. Be extremely gentle and pluck from the very base of the root to help avoid damage to the lace!

  • Create baby hairs around the hairline by trimming a few hairs right where the wig meets your temples and slicking them to your skin using a little BeautiMark Velvet Spray Gel

  • Customize your lace front to contour it to your natural hairline (there are online videos on how to do this but to be safe you can always visit a wig stylist)

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