Makeup and Wig Colors

How To Pair Makeup and Wigs by Kim Stamiris

With so many different wig colours and styles that I switch between daily, I have had to become flexible when it comes to pairing makeup with the ‘wig of the day’. My go-to signature makeup look, that I have worn since my 20’s, will always be a black cat-eye liner flick and a bold bright lip; it goes with everything! 

Classic Makeup Looks

Hair Colors and Makeup: Go For Like Tones

When I want to branch out and play with makeup, the basic rule of thumb I follow when matching makeup and wigs is to pair like tones. 

A warm toned wig will look spectacular with warmer toned makeup, and the same goes for cooler toned hair and makeup. You can’t go too wrong if you follow this basic like-tone approach. 

Here are a few of my favourite pairings… 

Warm Blonde Colours and Makeup Tips

Here are my makeup tips when wearing warm blonde wigs:

Tip #1 - I keep my eyes lightly smoky and shimmery with shades of light nudes and browns and gold

Tip #2 - I use peachy tones on my cheeks to brighten my complexion

Tip #3 - I add a nude lip liner on my lips for a fuller pout and dab on some nude apricot lipstick in the middle

Warm Blonde Wig Makeup Looks

Style: Longing for Long by Raquel Welch in SS14/88

Cool Silver-Grey Colour and Makeup Tips

Here are my makeup tips when wearing cool silver-grey wigs:

Tip #1 – I opt for light glam on my eyes with cool nudes and shimmery taupes and pink

Tip #2 – I use pink or plum tones on my cheeks for a natural flushed look

Tip #3 – I swipe on some dusty rose lipstick on my lips to tie in the neutral pinky tones. 

Cool Blonde Grey Makeup Looks

Style: Stumptown by BelleTress in Roca Margarita Blonde

Warm Brunette Colour and Makeup Tips

Here are my makeup tips when wearing warm brunette wigs

Tip #1 – I stick to warm nudes and browns with a pop of rose gold shimmer in the middle of the eyelid 

Tip #2 – I use pink or peachy tones to add some warmth to my complexion

Tip #3 – I add dark pink lip liner to enhance my pout, paired with pink lipgloss  for a fuller appearance 

Warm Brunette wig Makeup Looks

Style: January by Jon Renau in FS6/30/27

Pink Fashion Colours and Makeup Tips

Here are my makeup tips when wearing pink wigs

Tip #1 – I match eyeshadow to the pink tones of my wig ~ peachy pinks in the crease with a brighter pop of pink shimmer on the eyelids 

Tip #2 – I use the same toned peachy pink high on the cheeks for a monochromatic appearance

Tip #3 – I finish the look with a nude lip liner, paired with a pale peach lip gloss 

Pink Wig Makeup Looks

Style: Orchid by Estetica in Smokey Rose

If you like to have fun with makeup like I do and want to express yourself creatively in this way, it is perfectly fine to contrast colours and makeup, to make your hair stand out or if you prefer, apply your makeup to help your features stand out. 

There are plenty of colour guidelines for the ‘right’ colour pairings, and that’s where colour theory comes into play, but it all comes down to what you think looks best on you.

Just like with makeup, if you want to go your own way and throw out choosing a wig based on your undertone, then more power to you! Colour theory should be used as a guide, but at the end of the day go with what you feel comfortable with and/or have fun and let your personality shine through. 

Written by Kim Stamiris | @kim_stam

I’m an Australian-based wig and makeup enthusiast, living with alopecia universalis, who is on a mission to support and help people with hair loss feel fabulous about themselves, using a little genuine insider know-how and some tips & tricks I have picked up on my own personal journey. 


Hi Beth,

Thank you for sharing this with us. Kim really is such a gift to our community and we are extremely grateful to her for these articles and the wealth of knowledge she provides. We are deeply saddened to hear about your recent hairloss. Unfortunately with Covid this has become more and more common.

Please know that we are here for you and would love the oppertunity to help you navigate your journey with alternative hair. Our experts are always happy to help you find hair you will love to wear. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-581-2001 or book a free virtual consultation. You are not alone and we are here to support you.

Best Regards,
The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

Thanks for the tips. I wear grey wigs, which are very hard to find these days. I never thought of the make-up with my grey hair wigs. I’m inspired!

Mary Jacobs

You are beautiful and damm you can rock any color wig.
I am new to wigs, and was diagnosed with long Covid in October. Then about 12 weeks ago I began loosing my hair, and currently at 60% loss.
Just reading your makeup pairing article really hit me emotionally and allowed me to realize I need to embrace what is happening to me and get back to my true self.
I am so grateful for this site and people like you that are here to make us newbies feel so comfortable.
-Beth Jones.

Beth jones

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