How To Put On A Hair Topper

November 28th, 2023

Achieving a seamless and natural look with hair toppers requires a bit of practice and patience. Follow these expert tips to effortlessly blend your topper with your biological hair:
  • Begin by styling your biological hair as desired. Then style you hair topper on a canvas block head separately. This precautionary measure prevents any damage to your hair and scalp caused by clips pulling and creating tension. Styling your hair topper while it is clipped into your bio hair can accelerate hair loss, so please be sure to use your canvas block head and style before application. Use T-pins to secure your hair topper to the blockhead using T-pins before styling, blow drying, and heat styling. 
  • Comb a ½” to 1” section of your hair forward around your front hairline. This section will be used to seamlessly blend with the front of the topper. If your hair topper has a lace front, skip this step. 
  • Attach your hair topper using the pressure-sensitive clips or combs. Align the part of the topper with your natural part, aiming for placement approximately 1” back from your natural hairline. Start with the front clip(s) and work your way to the back clips. Each time, pushing down on the top of the hair topper (not pulling) before clipping in each time. This will decrease any extra room between the hair topper and the scalp, making it look more natural. 
  • Maintain stability by holding one hand on the top of your topper, comb, or brush the topper hair and your hair to blend the hair together.
  • If you've curled your hair, touch up the front pieces with your curling iron.
Pro tips:
  • When heat styling, pin your curls or waves and allow them to cool before placing your hair topper, especially if it's made of heat-friendly synthetic fibers.

  • Conceal any sparse areas around your hairline by using hair powder (or shadow) that matches both your hair color and the topper. Or use shadow to blend the hairline at the part for a more natural look if the roots aren’t exactly the same shade. 

  • Experiment with the topper's placement to find what works best for you, whether it's further forward or further back, ensuring a seamless blend with your front hairline.

  • Consider replacing the front clip on your topper with a comb or adhesive, particularly if your scalp is more sensitive or sparse in that area.

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