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How To Put on a Lace Front Wig by Kim Stamiris

There’s no other feature that looks as real as a lace front, especially when you get a perfect blend with the skin. For new and experienced wig wearers, getting that seamless blend can take a few tries. But, with the help of our Wigs.com Mentor, Kim, she’s here to teach you how to perfectly apply your lace front wigs. Read on to learn her lace front techniques as well as all the steps she takes for that perfect blend. As a special treat, she shows her current favorite lace front wigs at the end just for you!

Finding Your Hairline

If you have complete hair loss and are bald like I am, you may have forgotten how far down your hair used to grow onto your forehead. If you have trouble finding where your natural hairline should be, I typically recommend following this 4-finger rule as a guide. 

Placing Your Wig

Measure 4 fingers up from the bridge of your nose (or your brow bone) to find the hairline placement area. This technique is a pretty good starting point for where your lace front should sit. You can move the lace placement up and down by small increments to determine what looks and feels best for you and your unique face shape and facial features. Want more tips? Check out my post about lace front wig mistakes I didn’t know I was making.

Steps for How to Put a Lace Front Wig On

In the last two years of my wig-wearing journey, I now religiously use the following technique for putting on my wigs. It not only keeps my lace front looking new, but it also saves me from ruining any more wigs. It’s also the technique I see recommended by many medical wig manufacturers out there. Essential Tip: do not use the lace front feature to adjust your wig’s placement - always use the ear tabs or sides to direct where you’d like your wig to sit.


  1. Hold your wig upside down, so the hairline is facing you (closest to your body) and the nape is facing upwards 
  2. Securely hold onto the elastic sides behind the ear tabs 
  3. Lean into the wig and gently slip on the wig like a cap, pulling down from the sides and ear tabs. Then, flip your head back.
  4. Adjust the wig at the nape by pulling it down and into place. Securing the adjustors.
  5. Check the position of the hairline and adjust the placement by moving the wig with the ear tabs
Putting on a Lace Front Wig

    For those of you who might wear longer styles or prefer to place your wig on your head as you look directly into a mirror, here is an alternate option:

    1. Hold your wig using your thumbs on the elastic sides behind the ear tabs. 
    2. Lift the wig directly above your head and gently pull it down onto the head using the sides and ear tabs
    3. Adjust the wig at the nape. Pull the wig down into place and adjust the hairline placement by directing the wig with the ear tabs. 
    4. If your wig comes with metal stays in the ear tabs, don’t forget to bend and mold them flush against your temples. 
    Putting on a Lace Front Wig

      Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time. Practice makes perfect when it comes to wearing wigs. Giving your lace front a little extra TLC when you wear it can help keep it looking like new for longer.

      My Current Lace Front Favs

      Some of the lace front wigs I have been loving and reaching for this month are all surprisingly in the bob-length category.

      Drive by Ellen Wille in Pastel Blonde Rooted

      My top pick is Drive. It’s perfect right out of the box, and I always feel so put together when I wear her!  

      Bob Wig

      Carrie Lite by Jon Renau in Shaded Sun (27T613S8)

      Part of the new Jon Renau SmartLace Lite Collection, this cap is so lightweight and comfortable. It’s also perfect for updos! 

      Carrie Lite Wig

      Unfiltered by Raquel Welch in Fiery Copper (RL31/29)

      The hairline on Raquel Welch wigs is beautiful every time. This shorter, wavy style is just so fun and feminine.

      Fiery Red Wig

      Even though lace fronts are my favorite, I was making a mistake for years that ruined my wigs. See my lessons learned with lace front wigs here.

      Written by Kim Stamiris | @kim_stam
      At Wigs.com, our goal is to connect and serve those in the hair loss community and walk arm in arm with them.  That’s why we are excited to team up with Kim Stamiris, who shares her struggles, victories, tips & tricks with a tireless passion for supporting so many that follow her. She is a true mentor in our community. Learn more about Kim here.
      A person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors


      Hello Lois,

      Generally most lace front wigs we offer on Wigs.com will come precut and ready to wear. In the event that you need to, you can trim your lace front using shears or pinking shears if it is a Jon Renau style. We always recommend consulting an experienced professional when choosing to alter your wig or topper. You can also book a Virtual Consultation for further assistance with this. We are happy to help!

      The Wig Experts

      Hi Lorra,

      Great question! If you feel your wig cap/liner is slipping while wearing your wig there are easy solutions to this. If you have biological hair, you can use bobby pins to secure the cap. If you don’t have biological hair you can use the hair spray Got2BGlued. The WigSecure or SureGrip bands are also great options for those with or without hair.

      The Wig Experts

      Thank you for the information on putting a wig on. I have Alopecia have worn a wig for 20 years. Yes wigs have really improved! Thanks for hints on fitting & caring for your wig,very helpful!

      Mary Cordes

      How do I keep the cap in place under the wig?


      Great tutorial thank you.


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