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How To Store Wigs

Guest blogger, Amy Johnson, is one of our community writers, known as @amyonwigs on Instagram and YouTube. She also co-administers a wig support group on Facebook called Wig Wisdom.


Wig Organizer


I’ve made a sizable investment in purchasing wigs, and I truly want them to last. So, I wondered what would be the best way to store them to keep them looking fresh and fantastic with each wear. I already had a fabric sweater shelf hanging organizer in my closet before I started wearing wigs. It was essentially empty since I live in the sweltering state of Texas!  So, I decided that storing my wigs in their boxes, two boxes to a shelf, would be an excellent use of that hanging organizer.

That said, one thing to keep in mind is that you never want to close your wig in a container of any sort if it is wet or damp.  Always make sure to allow your wig to fully dry or blow-dry (if human hair) completely before storing. Even the slightest bit of moisture can cause your wig to develop mold on it when it’s closed off in a dark location (like a box).

In addition, I keep the tag (that originally came on the wig) and place it just inside the end of the box (with the style name facing out), so I can quickly browse my wigs to find the one I am planning to wear.

Finally, I keep a small pad of sticky notes and a pencil handy on one of the shelves, so I can add a tick mark every time I wear the wig. This helps me determine when it’s time for me to wash that wig. I wash my wigs every 6-8 wearings, which is the recommended amount of time given by most wig manufacturers. This method helps me keep up with the maintenance—especially as my wig collection grows.


Hope these ideas help you to keep your well-spent investment in wigs safe and sound! How do you store your wigs?

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