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How to Travel with Wigs

Posted on June 23 2017

Wigs make life easy. Who wouldn’t want to put on perfect hair? We wear wigs because we want to look our best… and for the convenience. So traveling with them should also be a breeze!

Here are 5 of our Wig Expert tips to keep your wigs and hairpieces looking good on the go.

  1. The perfect storage. A super stylish way to travel with wigs and hairpieces is in a functional and chic bag that’s specifically designed for them. The ResQ Bag & Kit + Mini by Amy Gibson protects wigs, hairpieces, andres Q wig storage bag by Amy Gibson extensions in a unique mesh lining that minimizes tangles and frizz, making it safe for traveling. It’s also beautiful! This is by far the best solution… but in a pinch… you can also use a Ziploc baggie. Just make sure it’s filled with air to keep your wig from getting squished.
  2. It’s all about options. There is no way to get the versatility of hairstyles with anything other than wigs. Think about when and where you’ll be going on your trip. For peace of mind take more than one wig with you. If you are going somewhere hot… bring a short style… you’ll thank us later! The ability to change your look from day to night will be worth it!  We suggest taking a great human hair wig as you have complete versatility to style anyway you like... then throw in a fun synthetic wig which gives you a perfect option for, rain, sun, or just plain running around without having to take the time to style. Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their advantages.  Take the best of both or see what works best for you.
  3. Love your hair, and it will love you. When you’re traveling you don’t want to have to stop and wash your hairpieces. The easiest way to keep your wig clean longer is by wearing a headliner. The No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT! keeps you dry and comfortable all day long. It absorbs any sweat and moisture so you and your wigs stay fresh. The individually wrapped packages make it easy to take anywhere.
  4. Together they stand. A great way to reduce the daily maintenance of a wig is to place her on a wig stand when she’s no longer in use. Not only will this keep her free from tangles and creasing. But it will maintain style and shape. The foldable versions are best for traveling!
  5. The right products for the right occasion. Wigs require special care products… even on vacation. And depending on where you’ll be, the right products may not be available. The Try Me Kit for Synthetic Hair by BeautiMark is a line of special daily care products that make it easy to take just what you need on vacation. The 20 ounce bottles are perfect for travel and safe on both synthetic and human hair fiber.

Ellen Wille Obsession Human Hair lace front WigWe all need to get away! Hopefully you get to do it often. However, no matter the frequency, make sure you are prepared. Let your hair work for you and not the other way around. Keep yourself as low maintenance as possible… but by all means…. Look good doing it!

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  • The Wig Experts: May 02, 2017


    We recommend trying Ellen Wille’s Prime Power Collection.

    In 2016 Ellen Wille introduced her Prime Power line which features a Premium Synthetic blended with Remy Human Hair. This special blend cancels out all the disadvantages of having human hair with all the advantages of having human hair! Like HD fibers, Prime Power Hair withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can curl the hair just like human hair and it will hold the style like synthetic, even after you wash it! Unlike human hair that reacts to the climate just as your own human hair would, the Prime Power Collection will hold its style through ANY weather. No more raining on your hair parade with Prime Power, it is truly The Miracle of Synthetic Hair! We all know cures come with a cost, but it is absolutely worth the investment if you have always dreamed of hair that would stay as fabulous as you feel 24/7. Don’t forget to sign up for our promotions to be informed when you can save big on your next purchase.

    Link to Ellen Wille Prime Power Collection:

    Or you can try the human hair/synthetic blends by Envy that feature two human hair wefts at the nape to help reduce frizz.

  • Melanie : April 18, 2017

    I love the silky feel of human hair but I love long styles and the convenience of synthetic. Is there a brand/brands that you can recommend that won’t tangle and frazzle as bad?

  • The Wig Expert: January 18, 2017

    2 Years is a very long life for any wig… especially a synthetic. the fibers are heat sensitive and the ‘burned’ effect you speak of is quite common and will happen where there is friction and or heat on the fiber. it makes sense that you will see this happen after prolonged wear. you can rectify some of this with our Beautimark products but honestly, it may be time to look for a new one.
    She sounds like she has served you well;)

  • lucy golden: January 13, 2017

    I;ve been wearing one of your wigs for 2 years. The problem: the part of my hair that is under the band looks and feels like it’s burned. Is there any way to prevent this?

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