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How To Wear A Wig | Concealing Biohair!

Posted on July 16 2018

As with many wigs, many women choose to wear a wig to change up their hair color. However, when you decide to change up your hair color - with shorter wigs especially - it can sometimes be difficult to get all of your hair under the wig. The most difficult hair to conceal is oftentimes sideburns and temporal hair. And as shaving or trimming hair often isn’t an option for many people, it becomes important to find other ways to deal with stubborn hair.


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There are a few options, but there are two that I have found the most comfort and success with; and one that I think should be avoided. I have detailed my three processes below and I hope this can help you with styling your wigs.


Option 1: Use Wig Cap

This one is the easiest and one of the most effective in my opinion. With this all you need is a wig cap and some bobby pins. Once you get the wig cap in place, with most of the hair underneath, take the rest of your hair that is sticking out and pin it into the wig cap with bobby pins. I often criss cross the bobby pins in order to get a better hold and to secure your cap and hair for long term.


Wig Caps


Option 2: Use Skin Colored Strips

This option is simple, but the materials are not cheap and even if you can find a cheap dupe, you often will end up ripping out a lot of your natural hair as this process is quite literally the same as putting duct tape on your hair. Though it gives you great coverage, the longer you wear them the more hair you will lose when you take it off at the end of the night. This process used to be recommended back when I first started wearing wigs, but nowadays the other two options I mentioned are much easier and healthier on your hair.


    Option 3: Slick it Up

    This one is pretty straight forward, but if you aren’t a fan of having the feeling of super hairsprayed or slicked back hair with gel, this may not be the method for you. When I am wearing a short wig and only have to worry about my sideburns, I typically will just take some super hold gel, and use a comb to gel my hair “up” into the wig and pin it down if I want a little extra security. The same can be done with a mousse or a hairspray, whatever works best for your hair texture. This option is the best for short term but if you use bobby pins this can last all day much like option one.



     How do you hide your hair underneath a wig?

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