How To Hide Hair Under Wig

How To Wear A Wig

Many women choose to wear a wig to change up their hair color or style. However, when you have a full head of natural hair, it can sometimes be difficult to tuck it under the wig.

The most difficult hair to conceal is thick or long. With these methods, you can easily conceal biological hair and be totally undetectable. And remember, practice makes perfect!


 Not sure how to put a wig on correctly? Watch our video to learn!

There are many different ways to wear wigs, but we have detailed the most popular processes below, so you can become a Wig Expert, too!

How To Wear Wigs

Option 1: Use Wig Cap

Many women find that using a wig cap is the easiest and one of the most effective. With this method, all you need is a wig cap of your choice, and some bobby pins. Some wig wearers like to braid the hair before putting on the cap. This is the most effective when several small braids are used. For thin hair, two braids will suffice. But with thicker hair density, you may need three or more to ensure that the hair is dispersed evenly, and no bulky areas are created.

To put on the wig cap, start at the nape area, and and pull forward to the forehead. This is the best way to control the hair.

Once you get the wig cap in place, if you find any hair that has been left out, tuck it under the wig cap. Criss-crossing the bobby pins along the hairline, usually at the temples, will give a better hold and help to secure your cap and hair all day long.


Wig Caps

Mesh Wig Cap by BeautiMark


Option 2: Use Skin Colored Strips

This option is simple, but the materials can be a bit costly and can damage natural hair, as it requires adhering tape to biological hair. Though it gives you great coverage, the longer you wear them, the more hair you will lose when you take it off at the end of the night.

This method used to be recommended back when wig wearing was becoming popular, but wig wearers have begun to shy away, now that there are more effective and safer alternatives.

Option 3: Slick it Up

This one is pretty straight forward, but if you aren’t a fan of using hairspray gel to slick bio hair down, this may not be the method for you. If you don't care to use product, you will find that this method is quite effective in concealing hair under a wig. Use super hold gel, or a maximum hold hairspray, then comb the product to evenly disperse throughout. 

Next, come the hair in around the head, creating a beehive shape. This keeps the hair from gathering in any specific area and causing a bulge under the wig. Then pull on your wig cap! For added security, use bobby pins at the temple area of your hairline to hold the wig cap to the hair.


 How do you wear your wigs? Tell us all your secrets in the comments!


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