Wrap Your Hair Like an Expert

Wrap Your Hair Like an Expert

If you have biological hair and are considering making the leap to wearable hair, you may be curious what you’re supposed to do with your own hair under a wig. Wrapping biological hair is an important step because it gives you the most comfortable and secure fit.
Of course, if you’re so inclined you could always pull on a wig cap without prepping your hair, but we highly advise against it. If you wear a cap without neatly wrapping your hair, the loose strands will end up poking your scalp and give you a major case of itch all day.
Fortunately, wrapping biological hair isn’t a difficult process! This guide will walk you through it. You’ll need just a few tools before getting started.
Tools Needed:
A wig cap
Bobby pins
Hair comb
Optional Tools:
A wig grip
Hair ties
Flat iron

Before wrapping your hair, you may want to straighten your biological hair. This step is completely optional, but it can make the process smoother.
Likewise, be sure to pick a good wig cap. There are two main types of wig caps: nylon and mesh. Both get the job done, but at Wigs.com, we recommend mesh wig caps. Nothing against nylon, but mesh wig caps are just more breathable.
1. Before touching your hair, pull your wig cap over your head and leave it around your neck. This leaves it ready to go at the end.

2. Using a comb, part your hair into two sections.
3. Taking half in each hand, cross the sections at the nape of your neck. In order to get the most natural shape, you’ll want to wrap your hair here and keep it away from the top of your head. 
4. After the sections are crossed, take each and wrap it into a circular pattern and secure it with bobby pins.
5. If you find the above method isn’t working with your hair because it’s just too long, you can always try braiding your hair into low pigtails. You will then pin the braids up. 

6. Once you have your hair properly pinned in, this is the time you can add in a wig grip if you like. A wig grip is a band worn under the wig for an extra layer of security.
If you’d like to get a wig grip, we recommend the WigSECURE by Amy Gibson. The WigSECURE attaches with Velcro at the nape of the neck for a secure fit.

7. Take the wig cap from your neck and pull it up over your head and cover your hair. You can tie the ends of the cap if you’d like a more secure fit.

    Voila! With your hair secure and your wig cap on, you can put on your wig and know you have a secure and comfy fit all day.
    Do you have any special tips and tricks when it comes to wrapping biological hair? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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    What little hair I have is very thin. Goody brand has a comb set that has great grips. In addition to the regular comb part it has extra smaller curved ones touching the larger teeth. It is Goody
    Good Hair Days GripTuth Hair Combs set of 2. They are smaller than others I have tried and work great in my very fine, thin hair. I got mine on amazon.

    Melody Moeller

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