Wig Shops vs. Buying Wigs Online

Wig Shops vs. Buying Wigs Online

Is It Better To Buy Online or In Store?


If you’re new to the world of alternative hair and shopping for your first wig, hair topper or hair piece, you might be wondering; is it better to buy a wig online or in a wig shop? What is the best way to buy a wig?  There are advantages to each shopping experience and we’ll dive into what could make one the better option over the other depending on your needs.

When trying to figure out what type of product fits your hair loss or style needs, the most important step is having a consultation with a professional. Fortunately, consultations are available both in-store and online. Many wig shops offer consultations which can either be complimentary or for a fee. An advantage to sitting down with an expert in-person is that you’ll get to see a range of products displayed and receive a hands-on fitting. At wigs.com we offer complimentary Virtual Consultations where one of our Hair Experts will guide you to the perfect style and color, answer any questions you might have about fitting your new hair once it arrives, as well as educate you on proper care and styling. We also offer educational resources like our blog, our YouTube channel and our Hair Toppers Product Quiz to help assist in your hair shopping journey.  One of the biggest advantages of online wig shopping is being able to choose from all styles, not just the ones that are in stock like at the wig store. 

Physical storefronts, also known as wig shops or wig stores, may have a higher price tag for the same products sold on an online store.  Ecommerce sites are held to stricter pricing standards, which creates more consistency with pricing online.  Depending on where the wig shop is located, they may have high expenses due to rent and labor costs, thus forcing them to charge more. Many will bundle corresponding hair care products or accessories into the price of the wig or hair topper, which helps to ensure their customers go home with the right items to properly care for their hair. Other times prices may reflect the time and energy they put into hands-on services. Wigs.com offers what is typically referred to as “internet retail” prices (which is 15% less than the manufacturer suggested retail price) as well as special deals and coupons on occasion. We’ll also recommend must-have care products and accessories while you’re shopping because we want you to get the most life out of your hair, keep it looking natural for as long as possible.

While we can’t physically allow you to try on the wig through the computer screen, our team at wigs.com works tirelessly to ensure we offer the most up to date education, and product information in detail on our website, from its design and color selection to appropriate care and styling techniques for each product type of fiber.  

Return policies  can also vary amongst wig stores. You might run into restocking fees or even policies that don’t allow returns, but this isn’t particular to a specific store type and can be encountered wherever you shop. At wigs.com, we offer free returns within 30 days from the date it was shipped to you, and we can provide a prepaid return shipping label for a small fee. Convenient returns are crucial for many and it’s important to us that the process is worry-free for our customers.

When looking for a local wig store, it’s common to search the web with questions like “where can I find wig shops near me?” Sometimes you may not find options nearby and could have to drive cities and sometimes states over. The convenience of shopping online from the comfort and privacy of your home is something that appeals to many.

The wig experts

Another popular question shoppers have is “what is the best wig website?” We humbly and proudly report that wigs.com is the #1 ranking online store for wigs, hair toppers and hair pieces. What sets us apart from our competitors is our team of Hair Experts, our free Virtual Consultations, our in-depth look into each product including customer reviews  and versatile imagery, our educational resources such as our library of videos, and our BeautiMark clean hair care line specifically formulated for synthetic fiber or human hair

The bottom line is, where you shop is totally dependent on your needs and desires in what you want to get out of your shopping experience.  Whether you are brand new to alternative hair or a seasoned professional, you might find it more reassuring to shop in-person, or love the speed and convenience of online shopping

Antonia Johnson - Client Care Representative & Wig Expert 

Check out what our customers are saying:

“I've just wrapped up a virtual consultation with Antonia Johnson on your site, wigs.com ... and I first want to say how wonderful it is that you even offer this kind of service to begin with.

I'm new to the world of head coverings, although I have done quite a bit of homework, as I've recently had scalp surgery for a melanoma and now need to cover a healing surgical site and shaved crown.

 All too often folks are quick to complain when something goes awry or totally wrong, but don't take the time to offer thanks or praise when the experience is so much more favorable ... So I'm here, writing now, about the latter.

Your entire system of scheduling an appointment, and defining the type of appointment was a breeze. And your system and staff follow up were terrific as well. As to my appointment itself ... I was greeted by a warm and friendly Antonia who after making introductions was totally familiar with the background details I provided in my appointment setup. That unto itself was a positive step right off the bat. And once seeing my surgical site she had a full understanding of my needs for a lace front topper. She asked all the right questions, including wanting to see my bio hair from different angles.  She made great recommendations, particularly on color, and lots of details about the individual toppers being investigated, color choices, and care of the topper. All with no big stressful sales push, only honest concern for meeting my needs and answering my questions.

 I did make a purchase right then and there and Antonia walked me through the process and explained your policies. AND went the extra mile, asking me to keep in touch to let her know once I receive the toppers, or if I have any other questions along the way, or need anything additional.

 Antonia is a keeper ... I hope you already know that though, but I just had to say!

 I'm sure your business is a very competitive one ... you offer lots of variety in style, hair content and color, and have decent pricing, but so do lots of other sites as well as brick and mortar undoubtedly. However, you have a unique selling proposition: a site that's easy to navigate, lots of good videos, the ability for quality virtual consultations (not sales pitches), and an EXCELLENT team..

I will no doubt be a repeat customer for as long as my need arises ... and I will most definitely recommend wigs.com to others.

Again, great experience thus far, many thanks.”

--Ronnie D

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