Jamila Plus Wig by Ellen Wille Review - by Guest Blogger Shannon Boyce

Jamila Plus Wig by Ellen Wille Review - by Guest Blogger Shannon Boyce

Disclaimer: Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille is the new and improved version of Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille

Oh, the woes of baby fine hair! Limp, lifeless, and just blah! How I envy women with full, thick gorgeous locks. Even when I was younger, and had considerably more hair than I do today, my hair was very fine compared to other girls my age. My ponytails were but little wisps compared to their thick, flowing manes. The hair Gods certainly didn’t smile down on this kid. Sadness…

Fine Hair | Wigs.com

Rockin' that baby fine hair!

To my horror, as I got older, my hair got even thinner! What cruel trick was this??? I didn’t have much hair to spare to begin with! I did the usual: short bobs, blunt cuts, teasing… then I went to cosmetology school and started learning about extensions. (cue angelic choir) Finally! Long, thick hair was within my grasp! But there was a downside. Many of the methods by which extensions are placed and removed from the hair are damaging and cause further hair loss. But even so, I was willing to make that trade. It seemed like a small price to pay. To this day I’ll wear extensions. Just not nearly as often as I used to.

One day I went out to meet up with a friend who was hosting a karaoke show at a local bar. Her hair looked AMAZING! She has baby fine hair too but has always been able to grow hers out better than I ever could. I taught her how to do extensions when I learned about them way back when, so I assumed she’d just put in a fresh set. Nope. She was wearing a wig. WHAT!? But it looked so… natural! I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea that a wig could look so good! I’d never even bothered to learn about wigs because I assumed they’d all look obvious. Apparently, I was missing out!

So, I hopped online and started searching for wigs. I came across wigs.com, and browsed through their selections, and ended up buying a few. But the one I’m going to talk about now is my absolute favorite because it gave me everything I could never have: length, fullness, and CURLS!!!

Meet Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille NOW the new and improved Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille

Big Curls | Wigs.com

Sitting pretty in Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille

I ordered Jamila Hi in the Ginger-Rooted color. Never in my life could I achieve the volume and curls this gorgeous wig instantly provided! No hair loss from glues, keratin, heat… just pop it on and take it off at the end of the day. Easy peasy! It took a little finagling to get the curls in a position where I thought they looked flattering – just had to manually move them or smooth them a bit. Nothing too difficult. And like that, I had this glamorous, sassy hairdo! I was over the moon! The best part is I change my hair color and style so often that I can buy a wig in just about any color but no one I know questions whether it’s my hair or not. They always assume I colored or lightened my hair again. Even with this wig, this drastic change, my family thought it was my own hair. I came clean, of course, because I love sharing good finds, even if it means outing myself… but let’s be serious, wigs aren’t the taboo they once were. Celebrities wear them all the time! If you’re looking for a bold, gorgeous look, give Jamila Hi (Jamila Plus) a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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