Jon Renau Wigs Spring 2019

Jon Renau Wigs Spring 2019

Now that winter’s finally over, is your current wig starting to look a little drab? If you want to keep looking and feeling chic, it might be time for a new style! 

Jon Renau Launches 4 New Wig Styles

Thankfully, you have plenty of new arrivals to choose from this season here at Wigs.comJon Renau is launching four beautiful lace front wigs this April exclusive to Read on to enjoy a sneak peak of these chic styles—we can’t wait for you to try them!

Rose Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Human Hair Wig Rose

Product shown is Rose by Jon Renau

A pixie hairstyle is always a little daring, but Rose makes the look seem easy! This lovely lace front wig offers layers of perfectly textured locks, a lovely side-swept bang, and loose, wavy styling. A new addition to the Jon Renau SmartLace Collection, Rose can be parted in multiple directions.

The lightly curled bangs help to seamlessly mimic a natural hairline—meaning you’ll have everyone convinced Rose is just your biological hair. Any necessary customization for fitting the wig to your unique head shape is also easy: with velvet ear tabs, you can simply adjust your new wig to your shape with bendable wire!

Long Hair Wig Kaia

Long Brown Wig

Product shown is Kaia by Jon Renau

If you want a wig that’ll last, this one’s a no-brainer! A stark contrast from Rose, Kaia is all about the length. You’ll be channeling actresses Sofia Vergara and Nina Dobrev with this new ‘do! With a 100% hand-tied cap and effortless waves, this high quality, past-the-shoulders lace front wig is in it for the long haul. Like most wigs, Kaia features adjustable tabs for fitting the wig to your head. But Kaia also features a 100% hand-tied stretch section (stretching vertically and horizontally) to ensure a comfortable, breathable fit that’s truly unique to each wig wearer.

Wavy Lace Front Wig Kendall

Wavy Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau

Product shown is Kendall by Jon Renau

If you’re a little too afraid to embrace Rose’s pixie locks, and Kaia’s length doesn’t suit your lifestyle and needs, Kendall is the perfect compromise! Landing just above the shoulders, Kendall is type of hairstyle you can feel comfortable wearing to work, a date, a wedding—or even for just a relaxing night in at home. It’s that perfect, low-key hairstyle that highlights your natural features without becoming the only thing people notice when they see you. With layered waves that flatteringly frame most facial shapes, Kendall is a safe bet for a chic, eye-catching new look!

Short Bob Wig Gabrielle

Short Brunette Wig for Women

Product shown is Gabrielle by Jon Renau

Is Rose cute but just not edgy enough for you? Go with Gabrielle! With long wispy bangs and not one stray lock out of place, this trendy bob wig is destined to be a head-turner this spring. Gabrielle is all about the details, featuring a feminine shape and textured strands. And like Kaia, Gabrielle has a 100% hand tied cap and a 100% hand tied stretch section. So if you’re the type of wig wearer who’s looking to make a statement, Gabrielle might just be the right high quality wig for you!

Which new style by Jon Renau do you just have to have? Let us know in the comments!

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