Jon Renau Launches California Blondes!

Jon Renau Launches California Blondes!

Inspired by the beaches of California, Jon Renau’s California Blondes collection is stunning and show-stopping - and now available on! Due to popular demand, these wigs are now offered with a lighter and more natural root color. Allow me to introduce you to these beautiful blondes! Hint: the California Blondes are now a color option for all the styles in the Jon Renau Smart Lace Human Hair Collection!



When you hear mention of the Beat Generation, it’s likely your mind travels to thoughts of writers with whiskey glasses and cigarettes in dimly lit New York bars. On the other side of the country, there was a haven for these rebellious poets and writers, as well. Today, Venice Beach in California still beckons to the artsy and bohemian culture.

This color, named after Venice Beach, is a beautiful blend of blonde shades, and incorporates vintage Cali nostalgia with modern cool hues. Ash and golden blonde interweave into an absolutely effortless champagne blonde. Everything is tied together with a just a hint of medium brown root to give a natural sun-bleached look. 

Palm Springs Blonde

All of the tourism for Palm Springs is centered on one phrase: “Like no place else.” How appropriate that phrase is for this one-of-a-kind shade. Like its namesake, this color is as fashionable as it is chic. Palm Springs is a fascinating destination. You may be surprised to learn just how close the mountains and a desert are to this infamous beach. A similar dash of the unexpected is exactly what this shade delivers. It starts with an ash blonde base and is seamlessly mixed with a white violet tone. This gorgeous color is totally on trend and an absolute stunner.


Home is where the waves are. Malibu Beach boasts a reputation of a surfing paradise. Year round, surfers make their pilgrimage to this oasis for a taste of the world-class waves. The culture surrounding surfers has earned itself a reputation for being laid back and, well, it isn’t exactly untrue. Take a page out of the book of surf with this lace front wig. The color, a mixture of three rich golden shades, looks so natural. People will have a hard time believing it isn’t! Basically, this sandy blonde will leave you feeling like you’re soaking up the sun. Surfboard not included.


It’s hard to describe Laguna Beach in just one sentence. Residents there will gush about it if asked. They’d mention the diversity of residents, the eclectic art community, or the beautiful beaches that are local secrets. They may warn you to never plan to get anywhere fast by car, but that this caveat fits into the culture of “chill” that the town embraces. Small this city is not, but citizens still describe a tight-knit community. The Laguna Blonde captures the warmth of this beach town. This cocktail of light golden brown and pale gold blonde comes together in this creamy blonde wig. Just a splash of medium brown root keeps this look down to earth.


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What do you think about the California Blondes? Will you be adding any to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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