Just in time for a new season! Our favorite NEW arrivals

Just in time for a new season! Our favorite NEW arrivals

Spring can mean a lot of things to different people. For some, it means warmer weather and longer days. For others, it means beautiful flowers and more time outdoors. For us at Wigs.com though, it means new arrivals! We have rounded up some of the best new arrivals of 2021 and I can guarantee one will catch your eye!


Nolan by Rene of Paris

Nolan by Rene of Paris  

Nolan is a straight and sleek look that will have you looking like you stepped out of the salon. You won’t have to worry about keeping a flat iron on hand though because this synthetic wig will keep these smooth tresses throughout wears.
With a long wig like this, on a particularly warm day, you may want a ponytail or a side braid. Keep both styles low to avoid extra tension on your wig cap. If you need a little extra security, try a wig band or liner!


Up Close & Personal by Raquel Welch  

Up Close and Personal by Raquel Welch
When you wear this wig, you don’t have to get up close with people, but you just might want to, especially that certain someone. Let them get a close look because they won’t be able to tell its wig with its temple-to-temple lace front and the Sheer Indulgence monofilament top.
Do you tend to run hot? Personally, in winter I’m always freezing, but when spring and summer are here, I’m always just too warm. If you’re similar, a short wig like Up Close & Personal by Raquel Welch will help keep you cool. Without the weight of long hair on your neck and back, you’ll be able to keep it light and breezy.

This wig is a newly launched item and the colors will be available soon! You can sign up to get notified when the item is in stock.  


Cri by Ellen Wille



Cri is bold. This Ellen Wille wig is not for the faint of heart, but those who dare will turn every head. This blunt bob grazes below the chin and has a full-fringe. To add a pop of spring color, you can get this synthetic wig Pastel Rose Rooted variety which has sweet pink highlights.

Heat tools are welcome! Cri is made with heat-friendly synthetic and looks amazing with some loose waves. A playful barrette will top off this look.


Joy by WigPro


Few wigs epitomize spring quite as well as Joy by WigPro. This mid-length wig has loose beachy waves that will have you feeling light and carefree. This synthetic piece comes ready-to-wear and keeps its beautiful style.
To keep these loose waves looking their best on windy spring days, you may want to utilize an accessory or two. A floral headband or a cute boho scarf will protect your wig as well as give you an effortlessly put-together look.


Ignite Petite and Large by Jon Renau


You probably recognize this stunner of a wig. Ignite is Jon Renau’s best-selling style. Due to its popularity, the brand has now released Ignite in petite and large cap sizes. Now Ignite is for all!
As the temperatures rise and spring makes itself known, you’ll be grateful for the lightweight construction of Ignite’s basic cap. The cap includes spaces between wefts for keeping your scalp cool.

Are any of these wigs going to make their way into your wig collection this spring? Let us know which in the comments!

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Ignite ,my head gets hot even in the winter.


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