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Khloe Kardashian shocked the fashion world when she decided to darken her hair in the midst of the hottest part last year. Most often when the urge to goes dark comes on, it's in the cooling months of fall and a drastic change. Khloe Kardashian, on the other hand, decided to take her very blonde look and turn it into a cool golden brown! Along with the stellar hair, she also coined a new term for the brownish-blonde look: Brond

Khloe Kardashian mid-length brond hair style

We love Khloe's mid-length brond hair. Shop mid-length hair styles here.


To get this look, Khloe Kardashian turned to her favorite hair stylist and world-renowned colorist Tracey Cunningham. Not only has Cunningham been the number one pick of this famous Kardashian he has also done hair for Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen - just to name a few!

Tracey said, "Going from blond to brond is easy and fun, and is a natural, organic transition that I see as a big winning look for fall. With that being said, ONE of my favorite Khloe attributes is that she is so A-OK with changing things up! She was very blond a week ago in the height of summer; she changes it all up. In one night, we went from that gorgeous blond she wears so well to a very sultry, golden light brown- AKA brond.”

If you were one of the thousands that fell in love with Khloe’s new hair color, it could be easily reproduced. Here are some tips to get your own brond look to match this Kardashian’s hair color.

Khloe Kardashian Hair Extensions

  1. Keep your ends lighter than the roots, leaning towards an ombre style. You will want to keep to golden browns and golden brown tones throughout the color. Frame the face with more highlights of golden color and add golden brown low-lights and glosses throughout.


  1. Redkin Shades EQ is a perfect coloring tool to get the golden colors you are looking for. Making sure that your stylist is well educated and comfortable with their coloring tools will be the most critical step in achieving Khloe Kardashian blonde hair.


Next, add in some extensions to get the long, full Khloe hairstyle. To help the extensions match perfectly to the rest of your new brond color, buy them to match your lightest golden blond. Once the extensions are in place and trimmed to your liking, go to the next step.


  1. Color your clip in hair extensions to match the rest of your hair. Remember it is easier to go darker than lighter. Start with light colored extensions and add lowlights focusing on the nape. Having lighter colors on top and darker beneath will give that natural look that Khloe exemplified.


Brond is a color that can shine warmly in the summer and even brighten up the darkest days of winter. Khloe Kardashian is the forefront of fashion in both fashion and beauty, so follow these steps to get Khloe’s brond look for yourself!

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