Lightweight Wigs for Warmer Weather

Lightweight Wigs for Warmer Weather

Blonde Bob Wig by Gabor Wigs

It may have been a long winter, but every season has to end. When it does end, we get some long-awaited warm weather. Temperatures above 50 degrees - where have you been hiding? To a new wig-wearer, warmer weather could spell trouble. The inexperienced may assume that higher temperatures make wearing a wig unbearable. If you rock a wig year round, you know it is all about the construction of the piece. Decades ago, without today’s technology, wigs were heavy and lacked ventilation. Today, wigs are practically engineering marvels!

When the degrees start creeping up, go for a lightweight wig! You will want to choose a wig with open weft construction and possibly a lace front for maximum breathability. Plus, don’t underestimate the importance of weight; you won’t be comfortable with a heavy wig on your head in the middle of a heat wave. Below, we list our favorite lightweight wigs. Bonus: all of these wigs weigh less than 3.5 ounces! Go ahead, Mother Nature, give us your best shot. We can take the heat!

Best Breathable Wigs

This synthetic wig is one of our best sellers, and it’s not hard to see why! Reese by Noriko is a timeless look. The choppy tousled layers and side bang offer versatility in styling. A quick tousle with your favorite styling cream gives you a carefree and sassy feel. Leaving the strands straight and polished, however, gives a touch of elegance. This lightweight wig clocks in at only 2.8 ounces and offers airflow through an open-weft cap.

Short Blonde Wig

Will there ever come a time where the textured bob isn’t effortlessly cool? I hope not! The Textured Fringe Bob by hairdo wigs is youthful and modern. Most importantly, it is so easy to style. No fuss, no mess! The full sweep bang and the blended textured layers mean easy and versatile styling. It’s the perfect choice for a woman on the go because a quick finger styling is all that’s needed. This synthetic wig’s cap is open weft construction to keep you cool, while the short length of the bob makes this wig super lightweight.

Straight Blonde Wig

This is wig is a definite splurge purchase, but is so worth it. Spirit II by Ellen Wille is a successor to the original Spirit wig. The new and improved construction offers unbelievable comfort. It is a blend of Remy human hair and synthetic fibers, offering the best of both worlds! Spirit II gives you superb craftsmanship; the entire double monofilament cap is 100% hand-tied with thin knotting for your comfort. At only 3.5 ounces, this wig offers you shoulder length hair without the weight!


“Opulence” is defined as something “drenched in wealth and luxury.” Well, this beautiful wig earns its name. Opulence by Gabor is a gorgeous angled bob with a lace front and monofilament part. The subtle chin-grazing layers are sophisticated and incredibly flattering. The temple-to-temple lace front offers breathability and the opportunity for off-the-face styling. The hand-tied monofilament top means this wig will move and part just like natural hair, but also provides aeration for those humid days.

What do you think? What wig will be keeping you cool when the temperature heats up? Let us know in the comments!

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