Live with Clyde Recap

Live with Clyde Recap


Clyde “Hair God” Haygood, hosted a riveting live stream with America’s Next Top Model all star Jeana Turner on July 23rd. From tips and tricks to initial obsessions, these two gave us the ins and outs of their fave TressAllure styles: Brushed Pixie, Angled Pixie, New Wave and Ashlyn. 

Brushed Pixie 

This fierce synthetic style was featured in a Madonna-esque platinum blonde. Though it was pre-styled, Clyde was able to quickly customize it to fit Jeana’s face, leaving her looking effortlessly tousled. The duo then moved on to feature a dramatic dark brown which provided a fashionably French look right out of the box. To truly embrace this style, Clyde recommended spraying the piece with water, adding a wig cap on top and gently blow drying, leaving Jeana with a 1920s flapper look fit for any occasion. 


Angled Pixie

This full figured pixie provided a surf chick vibe on Jeana right out of the box, but Clyde added a little texturizer to complete this Cali beach babe look. The two raved about the dramatic side-swept bang, and Clyde even tried the style for himself! As the client questions began to roll in, Clyde and Jeana stressed the versatility of wigs, and taught us that though your undertones play a huge role in finding your color, we should break free and embrace the fun side of alternative hair. 

New Wave 

Clyde introduced this contemporary mid-length style as his number one fave from the collection. He praised the effortless beach waves and volumized dimension, and even added a little texturizing spray to enhance these fantastic features. The duo wrapped up this carefree style by explaining the benefits of the cool comfort cap, while assuring us that the density provides beautiful coverage keeping your wefting hidden all day long. 


As Clyde and Jeana headed into the homestretch, they featured this lavish layered style which quickly became Jeana’s newfound fave. The team discussed the realistic layering and silky soft synthetic fibers, and Clyde recommended using a little water to refresh your waves after a long day of wear. A client then asked if this stunning style comes in a blonde without roots, and the answer is yes! Try Ashlyn in Princess Ivory or Velvet Cream for a blonde you won’t believe.

Enjoy this dynamic duos performance for yourself!

Clyde and Jeana gave a show like no other. Their dynamic was amazing, and they made us all feel like we were right at home. We can’t wait to see what else these to two have in store! 

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