Long Brown Wavy Wigs

Long Brown Wavy Wigs

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a brunette? If your answer is yes its time to start exploring some options and turning that wonder into reality. Brown hair is actually the one color everyone looks good in because there are so many shades of brown and so many ways to wear brown hair. Now would be a great time to look into expanding your wig wardrobe by adding a brown wig or two.

Long Brown Wigs for Women

If you’re looking into a new wig, one option that never gets old is a long brown wig with bangs. This is a style that is guaranteed to give you a youthful and sexy look. You have likely seen this effortless style on some of our favorite celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, Kerry Washington, and Ariana Grande who have all made it their signature look. The best part of wearing a long brown wig with bangs is there is virtually no maintenance; all you would have to do is run a brush through your hair and comb through your bangs and you’re out the door, honestly who wouldn’t want that kind of convenience?

If you are someone who doesn’t particularly care for bangs you could always just go with a long wavy wig. There is something about long wavy hair that brings out the natural beauty in everyone. Putting on a long wavy wig allows you to be versatile in whatever you are doing and wherever you are going; you can dress up, dress down and your wavy hair will match the occasion always. You can look at celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Kim Kardashian West for wavy hair inspiration; they take their wave style from the streets of Hollywood to the red carpet just that easy.

Long Wavy Wigs

Staying with the wavy hair vibes, a wavy brown wig makes the perfect look for anyone on the go. Particularly a short wavy brown wig could be the best hair investment you make; not only do you look polished and chic it is the ultimate lazy girl-friendly hairstyle. Even if some of the waves fall you’re still left with a cute short style that people will think you spent all morning trying to perfect. Whether you go for a wavy brown wig that hits right at the jawline or hits right at the shoulder, it’s a never fail style that can easily become your signature look.

We went from bangs to waves for both long and short hair, but the common denominator here is the color brown. Just like blonde, we all have a shade of brown that would suit us best. You can go for a sun-kissed brown that looks like gold when the sun hits it, a rich chocolate brown for an expensive look, or the natural brown some of us our born with. Whichever shade of brown fits your taste, it’s a full proof color that compliments just about everyone. Wavy hair will never get old, so combine the two and get that beautiful brown wavy hair look this spring.


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