Long Hair After 40...Do or Don't?

Long Hair After 40...Do or Don't?

Long hair is generally the symbol of feminine beauty...this is not to say short hair can't be sexy or beautiful! For the most part, long hair equals feminine and usually sexy!  But how long can you hold on to your long hair? With wigs and hair extensions it is easy to go long at any age. Long healthy hair is yours in an instant with the right hairpieces. But should you?


This is a debate that many contemplate…especially those of us with long hair over 40 (of which I am one!)…So, we did some research! Apparently, there is some science behind sporting long hair styles after 40.  Here is what we found.


Layered blonde wig by Ellen Wille, Code Mono


The basic answer is YES! Long hair after 40 can be sexy, appropriate, and even add a youthful look to a woman.  It is important to consider a few key points in order to pull this off successfully:


  • Don’t hold on to your long hair style from when you were in your 20’s and creeped through with the same style in your 30’s! Only Cher can do that! 😉  Keep your look current and remember that you need to add layers and volume to your hair if you want to pull off the long hair and not look dated.  The long stringy hair bohemian look doesn’t quite cut it in our forties, girls! 


Envy Wigs, Long Blonde Wig


  • Factor in your face shape. If you have a fuller face, you can get away with long hair as long styles tend to draw the eye down and elongate the facial features.  If you already have a long thin face, you can tend to look aged, tired, and saggy. Not the look we are going for! If you have a thin face, just switch to a shorter style (at or above the collar bone) and you will lift and add a youthful look.  Pro Tip: Show one or both of your ears. This highlights the cheekbones and draw the eye up for a flattering shape.


  • If you are a good candidate for keeping your hair long…remember to add volume to it.  Thick hair looks better than thin, straight, and one long layer.  Cut your hair to add layers around your face to soften your features and lift your face. (This, by the way, is a good tip for any length hair!)


Wavy Dark Brown Wig Emotion by Ellen Wille


  • Don’t go below the bra strap line at your back. Any length longer than this is most definitely aging…we want to look young and relevant! Not like we are hanging on to youth by our strands! Shoulder length or a couple of inches longer will be a great long hairstyle for the most flattering results.


  • And of course…if you’re going to go long: Don’t go grey!  Just don’t do it! It will age you regardless of how great the style is for you.


Long Wig by Raquel Welch Wigs


So if you are over 40…go for it! Go long! Wigs, toppers, or hair extensions will give us all that youthful, perfect, healthy hairstyle look we all want...so don’t be afraid to go there.  You will feel younger and more confident if you know you are following these surefire guidelines to keep your look fresh and trendy!

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Is long hair for you? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!


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Very Beautiful wigs on this site! I especially love this one, however, I need one with more grey hair.

Patricia Pettiford Smyth

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