Long Hair Wigs: Keep That Gorgeous Length For The Long-Haul!

Long Hair Wigs: Keep That Gorgeous Length For The Long-Haul!

Long hair wigs are by far the most beautiful and sought after styles we have. Everyone wants luxurious long hair but we're not all sure it would work for us. The truth is, it works for most! Thanks to the amazing innovations in wearable hair, it is easier than ever to get beautiful and perfect long wigs. 


Layered Blonde Wig


Now that you have your perfect hair. It is important to take care of it so it stays gorgeous for the long-haul. Maintaining a long hair wig requires a little extra care but it's worth it!

 Taking Care of Long Wigs

1.  Comb it... don't brush it! It is super important to know, whether it is synthetic or human hair, you do not want to rake a brush through it. The most effective way to keep the fibers smooth is to use a wide tooth comb or even your fingers if you don't have a comb available.


Hair Trix Wide Tooth Wig Comb


Always start at the tips/bottom of the hair and gently work your way up to ensure you were never pulling the entire strand of hair at once. Synthetic hair is definitely more delicate so use extra care here. If you were working with a curly wig. It is best to gently run your fingers through the curls two separate any tangles and gently use the comb and curl her hair around your fingers to smooth out your curls.


2. Use Leave in conditioner or smoother. For best results you should lightly use a good leave in conditioner or smoother starting from about an inch and a half away from the roots to the tips of the hair. Do not condition the roots as good quality wigs usually have a monofilament or hand tied cap to give the most natural movement to your hair… Conditioning those knots can likely loosen them and your hair will start to fall out. But the rest of your long hair needs conditioning or smoothing to have the best movement and look. 


How To Wash a Wig


3.  Gentle washing. Unless your wig has absorbed odors you are not happy with…This is not necessary to wash it every single time you wear it. But when you do, it is important that you imagine your hair as a waterfall and let the water and cleansing products move over it accordingly. The water should always go from top to bottom and the hair should never be scrubbed, rubbed or swirled in the water. You can turn it inside out and gently wash the inside of the cap as well, but remember: the cap area does not need conditioner.


Wig Head Stand by BeautiMark


4. How do you store it counts! It's important to smooth out any tangles before removing your wig and storing it. You do not want to save that task for the next time you wear it… You're likely to regret it! Long wigs should not be folded up and put back into a box. If you must stored in the box make sure you roll it so that there are no creases in the hair. But Styrofoam heads are super inexpensive and suggested for storing a long hair wig.


Enigma by Raquel Welch


Keeping your long hair beautiful will keep you feeling beautiful when you wear it! There are a few extra steps… But well worth it. The long hair has a tendency to make us feel feminine and sexy. We all deserve that :-)


How do you care for your long styles? Is there anything we left out? Let us know below!

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