Breast cancer is a very real threat to us as women. However, thankfully…It is something we can catch early and defeat. Mammograms are dreaded for most of us (definitely for me!) But mammograms SAVE LIVES! This is an overwhelming fact we cannot ignore.


Mammograms Save Lives!


A mammogram is an x-ray image taken of the breast tissue area to look for in screen for cancer. There is a high success rate on finding cancer even before a lump can be felt through self examination. Needless to say… They are important for all women. But we all dread them!

So take charge of your health (to the degree that you can) and remember that mammograms really do save lives. Information about local FDA-certified mammography facilities is available through National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service at 1–800–4–CANCER (1–800–422–6237). Also, a searchable list of these facilities can be found on the FDA website.

Any tips for making mammograms less stressful? Leave us a comment and help your fellow wig-wearers!
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