4 Fierce Styles for Fabulous Winter Fun

4 Fierce Styles for Fabulous Winter Fun

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your look for family photos and holiday cards. If you have a human hair or a heat-friendly synthetic wig (or if you’re thinking about getting one), you’re probably considering experimenting with some chic styles and winter haircuts for 2018. Here’s a helpful guide for how to rock the season four stunning winter hair trends!

Wet Look

Once you get the hang of it, this edgy winter look is pretty easy to achieve! One of our favorite lace front wigs, Emotion, is perfect for this style. Start by washing your wig. Once you are finished, immediately start the styling process, combing and setting your damp hair as you like before smoothing out any comb lines. If you’re using a curly or wavy wig, use your fingers rather than a comb.

Remember to keep the look slick and contained—smooth or hide any flyaways that might distract someone’s eye from your desired look. You’ll need some high quality styling products to help your hairdo outlast the wind and snow, but after a quick smoothing and spritz session, you’ll be ready to go!

Messy Updo

The styling possibilities for this trend are endless—no two messy updos are the same! One of the simplest methods for achieving this look is brushing and tying your hair in a high ponytail or top knot. Then, wrap the ponytail around the tie, and secure the loose hair with bobby pins.

If you have bangs, simply sweep them off to the side for a wispy, carefree look. And make sure to accessorize! Ribbons, barrettes, scarves, and even headbands are all in style this year. This look is perfect for an evening holiday party or a first date at the ice skating rink, and suits virtually all medium to long hairstyles. Day-old hair generally works best for messy updos, so try to avoid washing your wig before experimenting with this style.

Flipped Ends

This classic ‘60s style is back for winter 2018. Traditionally paired with a center part and long layers, simply wash and blowdry your wig before using a one-inch curling iron on the ends of the hair to achieve this style. For wavy or flyaway hair, you can use a flat iron and some product to smooth out the rest of your hair before curling the ends. And if you’re feeling a little daring, pair this look with some chic rose gold locks to really be on trend this winter!

Glass Hair

Celebrities are going nuts over this sleek, sophisticated style. To achieve the look, you’ll want a blunt cut bob like Haute from the Jon Renau wig collection, or Ellen Wille's edgy Amaze. For human hair, you’ll need to start by weather-proofing your wig with a smoothing hair treatment. Then, straighten your hair with a flat iron in small sections, continuing to gloss your hair with your preferred serum until you feel you have achieved that shiny, polished look.

You’ll likely need to do some touch-ups throughout the day (especially if you’re venturing out in the snow), so make sure to snap a photo for Instagram before you leave the house!

What's your go-to winter hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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