Meet Shabrena Howard!

February 14th, 2024

Wig Expert
Meet Shabrena Howard. She is one of our client care representatives at Whether a client is experiencing hair loss or is just wanting to take advantage of the ease of wearing alternative hair, Shabrena is passionate about assisting her clients from start to finish. Her goal is to make sure the client leaves feeling more educated, confident, and beautiful.

About Me

Shabrena a Wig Expert Tell us a little about yourself, how you ended up working at Beauty & Hair, and what you love most about working here!

 Shabrena: I am a former hairstylist. I went back to administrative work after COVID. Although I wasn't ready to return to being behind the chair, I was eager to get back into the beauty industry. How would you describe our team at Beauty & Hair?

 Shabrena: Our team is great! Friendly and knowledgeable. I admire the effort the team puts into creating the best experience for our customers to shop and care for alternative hair. What is one of your most memorable consultations?

 Shabrena: I was assisting a customer who was ready to return a wig she loved but wasn’t able to make her own. I gave her advice on very minor adjustments she could make and those little tweaks made all the difference in the world. She was able to keep her wig and wear it with confidence.

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My Advice Why should someone book a virtual consultation with one of our experts?

 Shabrena:  There are so many moving parts when trying to find the correct hairpiece, fiber, color, cap, etc. We have a staff that is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in the products we offer. It will eliminate the guesswork in finding the right piece. It saves time, money, and headaches. What advice would you have for a new wig or hair topper wearer?

Shabrena: I would recommend being open-minded. Alternative hair has evolved so much over the years that we have something for just about anyone 99% of the time. Although the majority of our pieces come ready to wear, we have to normalize that it takes a little bit of effort on your part to make it unique to you.
Shabrena a Wig Expert assisting a customer virtually

My Favorite Wigs